Weekly Rewind: Monday-Wednesday

Sorry this is coming so late, but we do have day jobs too people!

Prison Break: "Fire/Water"

Thankfully, they didn’t prolong the ‘find Whistler’ storyline (thanks to Mahone). Michael was able to win favor with Lechero by providing water to squelch the inmate revolt.

Now that Whistler’s out of the underground, how the hell is Michael going to get him out of Sona? And boy, did that Whistler clean off the sewer dirt quickly! Not too hard on the eyes either :)

BONES: "The Widow’s Son in the Windshield"

Zach couldn’t adapt in Iraq so they sent him home, not really giving us much time to miss him. He walks through the door about halfway through the episode, with a swanky new military buzz haircut. Speaking of haircuts, how about Hodgins new look? Very Nice.

The interrogation of the guy with the diamond in his tooth? Creepy!
"The younger the person, the better. Except for babies. Babies taste kind of like fish."
Human flesh. The other white meat. 4 out of 5 cannibals recommend it.


HOUSE: "Alone"

And boy was he. Very good premiere. Loved Dr. Buffer (aka Janitor dude), who we think should pop in now and again, just for pure entertainment.

It was sad not to see the trio: Chase, Cameron and Foreman.
Other highlights: Wilson holding House’s guitar hostage, Wilson’s love of telenovelas, and House making his search for a new team of lackeys into a competition. All the potential candidates have numbers around their necks, so that House doesn’t have to learn their names of course.


Gossip Girl: "The Wild Brunch"

Serena and Dan - over before it began? Probably not. This is a soapy show is it not? They’ll be lots of back and forth all season long.

It’s interesting that Nate isn’t over Serena and she seems...not interested. And why is Blair so intent on sleeping with Nate - does she think that sex will make him forget about Serena?

So, Serena’s mom and Chuck’s dad huh? Well well well. We’ll see where that heads. Serena will not be a happy camper. Would you want your mom dating the father of a creepy, teenage serial date rapist who openly downs Scotch at a brunch?

Speaking of Chuck, how about that threesome? One word: ewwwww. How much did he have to pay them?

And sweet, innocent Jenny. Blair is gonna have a wicked easy time corrupting you. Don’t be her pawn!


Private Practice: "In Which We Meet Addison, A Nice Girl From Somewhere Else"

There’s been quite a bit of negative buzz about the quality and writing of this show. For us, the episode was ...eh. There were a few entertaining bits, but it felt like something was missing. There was no oomph to it. No attitude. What happened to the confident, take-charge fashionista whose grand entrance shook things up at Seattle Grace? The one that we all fell in love with and forgave for cheating on McDreamy? It's understandable that they don't want to be Grey’s 2.0, but they sure didn’t let us forget it with that whole opening involving Chief Webber.

But on the positive side:
- TIM DALY, so hot!
- The funny risky business dance complete with The Sprinkler move.
- Cooper tied up.
- Pete thinking his kiss was so special that it convinced Addison to move to Cali.
- Chief Webber's all-too-brief appearance

We love all the actors on this show, so we really hope they work out all the kinks!



Big Premiere Night THURSDAY!

8 PM
Watch it Live: Ugly Betty
DVR it: My Name is Earl (one-hr premiere) / Smallville

9 PM
Watch it Live: Grey’s Anatomy
DVR it: a second chance to catch Reaper (if you haven’t already)

10 PM
Watch it Live:
Big Shots [series premiere]
Michael Vartan and Dylan McDermott return to TV (yay!)
DVR it: ER

Here’s a (brief) rundown of where we left off:
Ugly Betty: Daniel and Alexis were in a nasty car crash, Henry’s ex Charlie declared she was preggers with his baby, Betty discovers the baby might not be Henry’s (but not before Henry took off), Bradford and Wilhelmina got engaged, Amanda found out Fey Sommers may be her momma (!), Justin performed in the school musical, and got Santos got shot.

My Name is Earl: Earl made the ultimate sacrifice for crazy ex-wife Joy and landed in prison. What will Randy do without him?

Grey’s Anatomy: George failed his intern exam, Christina lost her eyebrows, Alex lost his Jane Doe, Derek was offered the Chief job and turned it down, Callie was named Chief Resident over Bailey, Burke called off the wedding, McDreamy got his flirt on with random woman at the bar, said random woman turns out to be Mer’s half-sis. Oh and Burke skipped town.

Smallville: Mama Kent moves to Washington, Chloe discovers her power, a few people are presumed dead, evil Clark appears, dam bursts.

ER: Luka left for Croatia to see his dying father, Neela finally found Ray in the hospital (without his legs!), the ER got a new chief, Neela found herself in grave danger at an anti-war rally.



What Are YOU Watching Tonight: WEDNESDAY

For ABC's new shows, we did not get the chance to see them before their premieres (w/ the exception of 'Daisies'), thus the reviews will go up later in the week.

Watch it Live:
DWTS results show

Watch it Live:
Private Practice" on ABC [series premiere]
DVR it: "Gossip Girl" on The CW episode 2
DVR it maybe?: "Bionic Woman" on NBC - the revamped (and hopefully better) pilot

10PM - Two, count 'em two series premieres
Watch it Live: "Life" on NBC OR
"Dirty Sexy Money" on ABC
DVR it: "Life" or "Dirty Sexy Money"

Episode descriptions after the jump

[Private Practice] Episode: In Which We Meet Addison, a Nice Girl From Somewhere Else
Addison moves to Cali and starts work at the Oceanside Wellness Clinic. Problem is, no one told her new co-workers.

From TitanTV.com
[Gossip Girl] Episode:
The Wild Bunch
Blair tells Serena she knows about her past betrayal, then turns a cold shoulder to her; Chuck hosts a fund-raiser brunch, and Serena brings Dan to the event; and Jenny and Blair become friends.

[Bionic Woman]
This re-creation of the 1970s series focuses on Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan) adjusting to her bionic implants, which are installed without her consent after a car accident nearly kills her. First up: Jaime learns she isn't the only bionic woman when the original test subject, who is unstable, turns up to attack her.

Wrongly imprisoned for 12 years, Det. Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) returns to the force with a Zen-like perspective that he uses to analyze cases and personal issues. In the opener, Crews investigates the murder of a boy alongside his new partner (Sarah Shahi), who finds Crews' quirky methods off-putting.

[Dirty Sexy Money]
An unscrupulous wealthy family becomes the headache of a lawyer who takes over as counsel when his father dies. In the opener, Nick George (Peter Krause) agrees to represent the Darlings, and is soon embroiled in the clan's bizarre problems.
Starring: Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland, Jill Clayburgh, and William Baldwin


ABC: "Pushing Daisies" Pilot Review

The positively, unconditionally, hands-down, BEST new show of the 07/08 TV season!

“Pushing Daisies” defies conventional genre-labeling. Dubbed by many reviewers as a “forensic fairytale,” it also can be described as a romantic comedy, a dark comedy, a crime procedural, a fantasy, and a tragedy all rolled into one fantastically magical hour.

Lee Pace as Ned, the pie maker & guy with the touch of life/death
Anna Friel as Charlotte Charles aka Chuck, Ned’s recently deceased, then un-deceased childhood crush
Kristin Chenoweth as Olive Snook, pie shop waitress/perky gal with an unrequited crush on Ned
Chi McBride as Emerson Cod, private investigator who’s also Ned’s partner in murder case-solving reward collecting
Swoosie Kurtz and Ellen Greene as Chuck’s Aunts Lily and Vivian respectively. Former synchronized swimming duo, The Darling Mermaid Darlings

Things to Love About ‘Daisies’
- The whimsical and vivid visuals
- Pitch-perfect narration by Jim Dale (also narrator of the “Harry Potter” audiobooks)
- Narration that doesn’t just state the obvious (a la “Desperate Housewives”)
- Delightful characters
- Ned owns a shop called The Pie Hole
- Ned and Chuck’s hometown is Couer d’Couers (just saying it aloud gives you a little chuckle)
- Chuck’s aunts, Lily and Vivian, have matching personality disorders
- The first episode is titled, “Pie-lette”

We have nothing but great things to say about “Pushing Daisies.” We wholeheartedly recommend this show to anyone searching for a spellbinding and original hour of television. We will bug you to watch this every single week!

Please don’t make us beg. It will NOT be pretty.

Pushing Daisies premieres Wednesday, Oct. 1st @ 8PM on ABC.


What Are YOU Watching Tonight: TUESDAY

8 PM
[Watch it Live]:
“Bones” on FOX
[DVR it]: “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC
It’s the men’s turn to take on either the cha-cha-cha or the foxtrot. Who’ll be this year’s Billy Ray? And by that we mean, a totally polarizing contestant – awful or entertaining?
(Side note: Marissa will be resident recapper for all things DWTS, you'll hear from her after Wed. results show)

[Watch it Live]:
“House” on FOX
[DVR it]:
“Reaper” on The CW [series premiere]
We gave this one a 4 TV rating – give it a try, you shall be entertained!!

[Watch it Live]:
“Cane” on CBS [series premiere]

Read the full post for episode descriptions

[Bones] Episode: The Widow’s Son in the Windshield
The Squints are back! From titantv.com: Brennan and Booth investigate a community suspected of having cannibalistic tendencies in the third-season opener. Meanwhile, Angela hires a private eye to find her ex, so she can get their marriage annulled.

[House] Episode: Alone
Alone indeed. After the mass exodus of Dr. Crankypants’s underlings, who’s left for him to belittle and torture? Potential candidates in the running this season include: Olivia Wilde (“The Black Donnellys,” “The O.C.”), Peter Jacobsen (“The Starter Wife”), Anne Dudek, and everyone’s favorite White Castle-seeker Kal Penn.

From titantv.com: Slacker Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison) becomes a reluctant bounty hunter for the devil (Ray Wise) after his soul is accidentally sold to Satan by his parents. In the opener, he gets his first job: capturing a pyromaniacal demon that escaped from hell and must be returned to eternal damnation.

[Cane] From aol.com: Patriarch Pancho Duque (Hector Elizondo) sets off a bitter feud when he bypasses his eldest son (Nestor Carbonell) and names his son-in-law (Jimmy Smits) as heir apparent to the family rum and sugar business. Meanwhile, the rival Samuels family wants to obtain Duque's lucrative sugar crops by any means.



Heroes: "Four Months Later" [Recap]

“How long can they dwell in the shadows before either fate or their own flawed humanity draws them out into the light again? And how will they know what awaits them when it finally does?”

The answer to that is apparently, four months. What has happened to our favorite Heroes after the showdown in Kirby Plaza? Let’s take role call:

- Mohinder is back to lecturing, this time in Cairo. A strange man keeps showing up to watch. Mohinder finally confronts him – he works for The Company and is there to offer a job. Not surprisingly, he can also turn objects to gold. Mohinder then contacts HRG (or can we call him Noah now?) and confirms that their plans are in motion. They’re working on something big to take The Company down. Speaking of the former Mr. Bennett….

- Who is now going by Butler? The former HRG has uprooted the family to Costa Verde, CA. He’s working at a Kinko's-type place called Copy Kingdom. Can’t seem to get away from the paper industry huh? I guess he picked up some actual experience at Primatech while kidnapping and conducting experiments on Heroes.

- Claire meanwhile has to adjust to a low-key, existence at a new high school. Something tells me, that it won’t last too long. Oops! Looks like she’s already drawn the attention of West, who’s not quite who he appears to be. Of course, only we the audience know that little flyboy already knows that Claire is “different.” And there’s bitchy cheerleader moment that I don’t care to recap at the moment. What’s more interesting is she calls Nathan – how does she know he’s alive?

- Newbies! We’re introduced to Maya and Alejandro, siblings on the run in San Cristobal, Honduras. And who are wanted for murder. They talk about reaching NY to find…some answers? I’m guessing they’re looking for one Dr. Mohinder Suresh? Anyway, Maya’s got some kind of crazy power – which involves killing people by making them bleed out from their eyes.

- Parkman’s OK! And he’s a real live cop now! He’s moved to NYC and is hiding out with Molly at Suresh’s apartment. We also learn that he and his wife divorced – wasn’t she preggers? Molly’s teacher warns Matt of Molly’s increasingly disturbing pictures. All with the same symbol and creepy eyes. She’s been having nightmares about the “bad man” again and they’re only getting worse. Those sounds Matt heard while reading her sleeping mind creeped me out.

- We see Hiro’s landing in 1671 Japan again. There’s an eclipse, some arrows shot, and Hiro saving a mystery dude on a horse. He thinks it’s Takezo Kensei, his childhood hero. Turns out to be some random guy paid to do his bidding. After teleporting away from the combat, Hiro meets the real Kensei, who turns out to be a
gaijin’ – which is Japanese for foreigner or person of non-Asian descent.
Hiro learns that age-old lesson, meeting your hero is never what it’s cracked up to be.Instead of an honorable sword saint who fights for honor, the real Kensei fights for whomever pays him the most money. And he’s kind of a drunk.

- Meanwhile, back in present-day Manhattan, Mr. Nakamura and a suited up Ando (has he been taking tips from Barney Stinson?) are pondering about Hiro’s whereabouts. Mr. N finally admits that he’s proud of his son’s mission and will patiently wait for him to turn up. Ando also brushes right past a disheveled looking Nathan Petrelli! Yikes, talk about unrecognizable (I had to rewind the DVR to double check). More about him later. Mr. Nakamura then receives a picture of himself that’s been marked with the same symbol from Molly’s drawings. He tells Ando he’ll be dead in 24 hours.

- Nathan stumbles into Peter’s old apartment to find Mama Petrelli waiting for him. They argue over keeping the Peter’s things there since he’s dead. Nathan orders her out and while in the hallway, she finds a picture exactly like Mr. Nakamura’s. She’s marked for death as well. She later meets Mr. N up on the rooftop – they theorize that it could be one of their own, seeing as there are now only 9 of them left. So, someone’s set out to off the older generation, who could it be?

- Mr. Nakamura is on the rooftop alone when a mysterious hooded figure approaches. He seems to know exactly who it is. However, he doesn’t get much time to defend himself, as the figure attacks and pulls him off the building to his death. Yikes.

- Nathan later drowns his sorrows at the bar. Taking a short glimpse in the mirror, he sees himself fleshless (eww), just what the hell happened after Peter went kaboom?

- And finally, we wind up in Cork, Ireland. Three guys looking for box 9109 – it’s empty…..except for somebody crouching down in the corner! Voila! It’s Peter Petrelli, half-naked and chained up! With apparent amnesia. He's also wearing a necklace with the same symbol from Molly's dream and Mr. Nakamura and Mrs. Petrelli's marked pics. Looks like Petey will be in Ireland for a little while.

Ok, that about wraps things up for now. I’m sure I missed some things. Let me know in the Comments section!

Can’t wait for next week!


What Are YOU Watching Tonight: MONDAY

The first full night of premieres launches tonight! Here's the rundown:

Watch it Live: "Chuck" on NBC
[series premiere]

Computer nerd Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) becomes a vital secret agent in this series mixing comedy, action and sci-fi. First up: Chuck is drawn into shadowy global espionage when subliminal gov't secrets are downloaded into this brain. He soon attracts the attention of a CIA superspy (Yvonne Strahovski) and a hardened NSA agent (Adam Baldwin).
For our review, click here.
DVR it: "How I Met Your Mother" on CBS
Robin introduces her new bf, an Argentinian hunk named Gael (Enrique Iglesias), while Ted hooks up with a wild Mandy Moore.
"Dancing with the Stars" on ABC
A Spice Girl, Kelly Taylor, Wayne Newton, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, amongst others put on their dancing shoes.
(Side note: No Samantha Harris!! She finally had her baby; a temp co-host will be announced on tonight's show -- BEST FREAKING NEWS EVER!!!)
Watch ONLINE: "Prison Break"
Watch it Live: "Heroes" on NBC
The season 2 opener reveals the fates of Nathan, Peter and Matt after the face-off with Sylar, as a new threat presents itself to those on the list. In other events, Hiro meets his idol in feudal Japan; and the Bennetts strive for normalcy in California.

DVR it: "K-Ville" on FOX
When a jailbreak triggers a manhunt, Cobb and Boulet follow unconventional leads to New Orleans' airport; Boulet and his captain battle frustration in dealing with the city's criminal sheriff; evidence exposes a deplorable cover-up.


Watch it Live: "Journeyman" on NBC
[series premiere]
Journalist Dan Vasser is leading a pretty ordinary and happy life, until one day when something a little bit unusual happens.
Okay, maybe more than a little bit unusual. Can you blame his family and acquaintances for thinking he’s losing his grip when he suddenly disappears for long stretches and claims to have been traveling through time? In the premiere of this truly outlandish drama, Dan finds himself taking a trip back to the 80’s and must figure out how to keep his life from melting down as a result. (courtesy of Yahoo)
For our review, click here.



What Are YOU Watching Tonight: SUNDAY

The Fall TV season launch kicks into high gear this week. Here's the stuff on our schedule tonight:

Watch Live
8:00 PM - "The Simpsons" kicks off its 19th season:
Homer falls in love with the high life of flying in private planes when he saves Mr. Burns from drowning, and Burns repays him by flying him to Chicago for a night on the town. Lionel Richie has a voice cameo as himself and Stephen Colbert provides the voice for Homer's life coach.

OR your second chance to catch "Gossip Girl" on The CW

9:00 PM - "Family Guy" returns in all its over-the-top, raunchy glory:
The sixth season opens with a "Star Wars" spoof in which Luke Skywalker (Chris Griffin) enlists Han Solo (Peter) for a mission to take a Death Star back from Darth Vader (Stewie), and rescue Leia (Lois) from his evil clutches. Brian takes Chewbacca's role, while Quagmire is C-3PO and Cleveland is R2-D2. Rush Limbaugh, Helen Reddy and Chevy Chase have voice cameos

OR refresh your memory on the happenings of Wisteria Lane's third season.

Finally, at 10:00 PM - "Brothers & Sisters" serves up highlights from the freshmen season, complete with outtakes! C'mon, who doesn't like a good blooper reel?


Burn Notice: "Loose Ends"

When spies get fired, they don't get a letter from human resources.

They get BURNED...

Michael Westen, an international spy who suddenly finds himself blacklisted. Dumped in his hometown of Miami without money or resources, Michael struggles to put his life back together and find out why he's been burned. In the meantime, he uses his unique skills and training to help people in need ... mostly people who can't get help from the police.

Michael is joined by Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) an ex-IRA operative, who also happens to be an ex-girlfriend; and Sam (Bruce Campbell), a washed-out military intelligence contact who's being used by the feds to keep tabs on Michael.

He's also forced to confront the family he went halfway around the world to get away from - particularly his mother, Madeline (Sharon Gless) who couldn't be happier to have her son back in town. (USAnetwork.com)

"Michael what's going on?" - Mama Weston
"They want to bring me in" - Michael
"Who, who is it?" - Mama Weston
(With Sarcasm) " I don't know, covert intelligence agencies don't call you up and tell you why their hunting you!" -Michael

What we liked:

  • Jeffrey Donovan narrating, instructing the audience on how to become a spy.
  • Sharon Gless back on our T.V. as mother to yet another son named Michael.
  • Fiona, the gun-crazy ex-girlfriend that's still in love with Michael.
  • REALLY though, just about everything!
It's funny b/c when I saw previews for the show I thought, great another wannabe spy show. Boy was I wrong. That first episode sucked us in and didn't let go!

The Fantastic 2 hr. season finale kept us on the edge of our seats the whole time. The action, drama and yes, comedy steady throughout.

Just when we think we might find out why Michael was burned, they complicate it and make it a cliffhanger.

"When you work in intelligence you get used to the idea that some information is worth risking everything for. You sign up for the lifestyle or the millions of frequent flyer miles, but finally it all comes down to putting your ass on the line to learn something"
- Michael

Check out the following
link for some bonus info on "Burn Notice" (returning 2008)


Summer TV Wrap-Up

With the finale of “Burn Notice” this past week, we bid a fond farewell to the Summer TV season of ’07. All the cool kids hung out on the cable block.

We had two shortly spaced out seasons with the boys of “Entourage.” Thankfully, we won’t ever have to hear the word ‘Medellin’ again (we hope). Johnny Drama got finally got his own pad. He also got some attention and some action at the same time. Way to go Drama!

So the Cannes trip didn’t quite work out as planned……better luck next season boys!

Read on for our take on the rest of summer's highlights:

“Big Love”
Props to Ginnifer Goodwin for entertaining us with Margene’s antics. Like the youngest sister-wife, we too took a little liking to Ana, Bill’s diner gal. Poor Margene is in desperate need of friends, especially outside the family. Well, judging from the way Bill reacted to seeing Ana at Joey’s engagement party, we very well might be seeing more of the girl in season 3.

“Army Wives”
We were not expecting to get sucked into a drama about a group of Army wives. BUT, it’s from Mark Gordon, one of the exec-producers of “Grey’s Anatomy.” So naturally, all the soapy antics of the wives kept us tuned in well after the first episode. We loved all the gals: sassy Roxie, no-nonsense Pamela, timid but loyal Denise (who finally learned to assert herself), mother-hen Claudia Joy, and level-headed honorary wife, Roland.

The cliffhanger ender was incredibly annoying and it looks like we’ll have to wait until Spring (!) for the resolution.

“My Boys”
This show is all about fun and big laughs. As a lot of reviewers have noted, these characters are easily the most relatable on TV. They don’t have heroic powers, they don’t solve grisly crimes, hell we don’t even see them at work (with the exception of PJ and Bobby). What we do see is the best part of their days: hanging out with each other. I mean, who wants to be reminded of how craptastic their day at work was (for that, you can probably tune in to “The Office”)?

Again, another finale with a cliffhanger. Just who did PJ invite to go to Italy with her? Our money’s on either Bobby or the cute Cubs player.


The 4400: "The Great Leap Forward"

When it comes to USA’s "The 4400," we’ve been hooked since day one. Not usually sci-fi fans, there was something in the previews that just so captured our attention, that we couldn’t help but watch.

Originally a mini-series, it did so well in the ratings that (thankfully) USA managed to retain the cast for a second season. Now as we end the fourth season with even more questions, we sit in anticipation for what comes next.

“ I’ve been authorized to accept your offer of assistance” - Meghan

“What did you have in mind?” - Kyle

“ We need to restore order to the streets, I’d like to use your people as a temporary

security force” -Meghan

Kyle informs Megan that there is already a plan set up.

“I’m glad you're so prepared to take over Seattle, but when this is over, I want my city

back!” -Meghan

After a Promicin outbreak, all of Seattle is quarantined and NTAC and Promise City must work together to minimize the chaos.

Jordan is abducted by Isabelle Tyler and the “Marked”

Tom Baldwin is “Un-Marked,” and a 4400 dies.

I loved that a couple of our favorite characters ended up with abilities of their own.

Meghan Doyle - director of NTAC's Seattle division, can turn objects into flowers.

Marco Pacella - The lead analyst in NTAC's theory room, appears to be able to look at a picture and WHAM! he appears there.

It leaves us wanting to know: Will Tom Baldwin take the shot? And what of that last scene sign, welcoming us to Seattle nee Promise City, the city of goodwill?

"Make this world better than it is!" - Isabelle (her final words)


XOXO Gossip Girl

Neither of us had ever heard of the "Gossip Girl" books before this show. Probably because we're not exactly in the target market. But you don't have to be a sixteen to be entertained by this Josh Schwartz-produced show.

The mastermind behind "The O.C." brings us yet another guilty pleasure about super-rich, super-spoiled teens. This time around, things are a tad bit darker.

What we liked:

  • Serena - Blake Lively makes S a likable character, a former bad-girl trying to change her ways

  • Dan Humphrey - the always reliable Penn Badgley works the knight-in-shining armor angle

  • Plenty of boozing, partying, smoking, and occasional date rape-attempting to go around

  • And of course, the lovely Kristen Bell serves as narrator - the titular Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf is played to bitchy, Mean Girl perfection by Leighton Meester. Her calm demeanor after witnessing Serena's exit with the Humphrey sibs from the "Kiss on the Lips" party was a bit too calm. You keep waiting for her to completely lose control and flip out. Well, this was only the first episode. Plenty of time for meltdowns later. Or just a whole lotta scheming and backstabbing, which is guaranteed.

We're upping our original rating to a 4 -- definitely tune in and give it a try (if you haven't already), this is a prime replacement for those still mourning "The O.C." [season one-level O.C., not season three]


FOX - Why Bother?

If you were wondering when the rest of our reviews for FOX's new fall offerings were coming... well, they're not. If you recall from our introductory post, we don't cover reality shows (unless they happen to be DWTS or one of the craptastic VH1 shows that we not-so-secretly love to watch).

The only other new scripted show is "Back to You" and neither of us really cares for Kelsey Grammer or Patricia Heaton. We're sure that "Frasier" and "Raymond" fans may enjoy it due to the fact that, judging from reviews, neither actor is straying too far away from the characters that made them famous.

It's just not our cup of tea. Sorry folks!

We will stick to covering our favorites: Family Guy, Prison Break, Bones, and House. We're giving K-Ville a chance. The rest of our precious TV watching time will be devoted to the other networks.


FOX Monday premieres: Reviews

Series Premiere: K-Ville

First off, why did they show a preview of all the highlights of the episode literally 5 seconds before starting the show? Somewhere,
Lewis Black's head is exploding.

The pilot started off with a somber tone, reminding us of all the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We're introduced to Martin Boulet (Anthony Anderson) in the midst of the chaos, trying to maintain some semblance of control and provide help. His partner Charlie suddenly flips on the freakout switch and flees.

Two Years Later - Boulet still lives in the 9th Ward, still hanging on to hope that things will be fixed. He gets a new partner, in the form of the mysterious (but only for duration of the episode, more on that later) Trevor Cobb (Cole Hauser). They spend the rest of the episode solving a case involving shootings at charity fundraisers for the 9th Ward.
Overall: a bit different from most buddy cop shows, but not completely. This is definitely a show that you'll need to give a few more episodes before making a final decision.
Prison Break
Season 3, Episode 1: "Orientacion"

We all heard the rumors that the boys would end up back in prison by season 3. Just how that would happen, no one knew. Sona is definitely no Fox River.

Loved the new opening - mostly because it's 90% Wentworth :)

Sona is a tense, disgustingly filthy, and dangerous place; so treacherous that the guards have given up and left.

Poor poor Michael - all on his own and already target numero uno of Lechero, apparent bad-ass in charge. Lechero and his band of cronies are in complete control.

Their ultimate method of population control? Setting up kill-or-be-killed fights. Michael just happens to piss off Lechero enough to win a spot in the next fight.

We spend the rest of the episode in suspense (but not really, since you know they can't kill of the main star). We know Michael will be fine somehow and of course, whaddya know, Mahone comes to his rescue.

Overall: full of all the edge-of-your-seat suspense that PB does so well. Well, we've got the first half of the season plot laid out.

Is the Company behind the LJ and Sarah kidnapping? Why do they want Michael to break out this sewer-dweller Whistler guy? Who's this chick with the bloody scratches all over her face? Will Bellick finally get some clothes?!