It's September? How did THAT happen?

Does anyone else feel like August just whipped by at warp speed? In just a few weeks, fall will be upon us. FALL! But you know what the best part about that is don't you? New TV!! wooooooooooo!

Things kick off with tonight's season premieres of Gossip Girl, Prison Break and One Tree Hill.

I'm a little iffy on Prison Break. While I'm certainly joyful that Michael will have Dr. Sara Tancredi back (complete with her head on!) [and mainly because that man deserves to have something go his way], I think they really could have ended this show a LONG time ago. If the season doesn't end with Linc and Michael (finally) taking down The Company and having their happy ending, I'll be quite perturbed.

Those spoiled, over-sexed, drama queens of Gossip Girl are also back and I must admit, I'm a little giddy. The premiere kicks off in the Hamptons - which equals a whole lotta debauchery and guilty fun!

And One Tree Hill returns......we'll find out the identity of the mystery woman on the other end of Lucas's call. Whoopee. Can you sense my 'excitement?' Why, oh why do I still watch this show? Actually I do know - that adorable little kid who plays Haley and Nathan's son. He's gotta be the cutest little child actor on TV. Want proof?