Zack Addy Kinda Sorta Broke My Heart (And Other Thoughts on Monday's Finales)

I knew something fishy was going on when I peeped the FOX press release for the next season of Bones. Eric Millegan's name was suspiciously missing from the cast list. I had read the spoiler that he would be injured in the lab, but I was thinking he'd either be put out of commission or well, die. It was totally heartbreaking to learn that little Zack was the apprentice to Gormogon (or Gorgonzola as Booth likes to call him). The confession scene between he and Dr. Brennan was intense and quite emotional.

I don't know why the writers decided to head in this direction, maybe they just wanted to shake things up a bit? Kind of similar to the cast upheaval on House this season. Well, at least we have Sweets, who may have come off as suspicious at times, but I kinda dig him.

Zack "King of the Lab" Addy - ye (and your hidden singing talent) shall be missed!

Moving on...

Blair Waldorf was finally able to bring down troublemaker/psycho Georgina Sparks:

"Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here."
Yes you are B, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Elsewhere on the tube -
Ted and Barney finally made up on How I Met Your Mother. Thank goodness, because seeing them together only in flashback form was getting annoying. Now, if they would just hurry up and get on to this 'Mother'-revealing business.....

I haven't had a chance to watch the House finale yet. I had planned on watching it live, HOWEVER, I realized at the last minute that I completely spaced and still hadn't watched the previous week's ep yet.

Cross your fingers - Marissa may post her thoughts on that here shortly. She proclaimed the last two House episodes as "the best television I've seen all season."



Let's Assess: Upfront Week & Season Finales

Ahh Upfront Week. Best described as the NFL Draft for TV geeks. This is time when we find out which new faces we'll be welcoming in the fall, which shows are returning and which shows have gone to the cancellation graveyard.

Luckily, a number of my favorite on-the-bubble shows managed to survive unscathed (Supernatural, Reaper, How I Met Your Mother, etc). My favorite network - ABC - managed to make me deliriously happy and furious at the same time (more on that in just a bit).

This fall and midseason we get brand spankin new shows from mad geniuses Joss Whedon (Dollhouse) and JJ Abrams (Fringe).

Monday nights and Thursday nights remain jam-packed. Apologies in advance to my poor DVR. Thank god I'm upgrading to a 100 hr recorder.

Visit the futoncritic.com for a comprehensive guide to the new fall schedule.

This coming week, we'll be bidding adieu to more of our favorite shows as they wrap us this odd, strike-affected season. My two favorite moments this week involved semi-bad (but completely entertaining) karaoke: Dean and Sam rocking out with a Bon Jovi sing-along on Supernatural -

"Bon Jovi rocks . . . sometimes." -
umm correction boys, Bon Jovi totally rocks and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

and Brennan belting out "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" on Bones. Now if only that whole Booth getting shot by a psycho-stalker didn't ruin the moment.

Now, onto my love/hate towards ABC:

Reasons to love ABC:
- They came to the rescue of Scrubs! After years of promotional neglect from NBC, Scrubs gets a new home. Hopefully our friends at Sacred Heart will be treated right this time around.

- They gave Eli Stone a second chance:
~ The show improved every week; I’m actually a bit surprised that ABC showed all 13 episodes, someone over there really loves the show. Thank goodness that person appears to have some power over scheduling. Eli’s 2nd season will get a nice lead-in from Dancing with the Stars.
~ Why do I totally dig this show? It’s got heart. And Spy Daddy singing on a semi-regular basis. And they managed to win me over with a Veronica Mars shout-out. What’s not to love?

Reason (yes, that's singular) to hate ABC:
- They cancelled Men in Trees. Well what did they expect after moving it around 5123456 times? They could have at least kept it on Wednesdays @ 10, but noooo they decided to bring back a now-cancelled show (Women’s Murder Club) and shove Boston Legal into the MIT spot. Does that make any sense??