Supernatural: Holy S&%#!

And I actually mean holy. Dean Winchester plucked from the depths of hell by an angel? Just one of many revelations from the season premiere.

Should this angel Castiel (if we are to believe he is indeed who he says he is) be trusted? Exactly what kind of work does he want to recruit Dean for? Well, whatever it turns out to be, we should really say hallelujah! to him for reuniting the Winchester brothers.

Ruby’s back! And she looks a hell of a lot like
Kris Furillo! Since only Sam and the audience know “Kristy's" real identity, I do wonder if Genevieve Cortese will be sticking around or if Ruby will jump from body to body. Will there be different actresses portraying Ruby throughout the season?

Ruby’s been helping Sam harness his powers, which we haven’t seen much of since the first season. Well it looks like they've been successful, given that scene in which he sends the diner girl demon straight to hell with nothing but his eyes closed and his hand focused on his target. Daaaamn. No wonder Lillith was afraid of him. It’s a good thing Sam kept this secret from Dean...

...who apparently thinks it’s a wise idea to keep his memories of his time in hell all to himself. You know it’s going to come back and bite him in the ass (not literally though, like those hellhounds tearing up his innards yuck). Poor guy. Of course, nothing stops Dean from shooting off his trademark wiseguy one-liners. My favorite exchange of the night came when Dean was reunited with his true love, his Chevy Impala

Dean: “What the hell is THAT?”
Sam: “That’s an iPod jack.”
Dean: “You were supposed to take care of her, not douche her up!”