The 4400: "The Great Leap Forward"

When it comes to USA’s "The 4400," we’ve been hooked since day one. Not usually sci-fi fans, there was something in the previews that just so captured our attention, that we couldn’t help but watch.

Originally a mini-series, it did so well in the ratings that (thankfully) USA managed to retain the cast for a second season. Now as we end the fourth season with even more questions, we sit in anticipation for what comes next.

“ I’ve been authorized to accept your offer of assistance” - Meghan

“What did you have in mind?” - Kyle

“ We need to restore order to the streets, I’d like to use your people as a temporary

security force” -Meghan

Kyle informs Megan that there is already a plan set up.

“I’m glad you're so prepared to take over Seattle, but when this is over, I want my city

back!” -Meghan

After a Promicin outbreak, all of Seattle is quarantined and NTAC and Promise City must work together to minimize the chaos.

Jordan is abducted by Isabelle Tyler and the “Marked”

Tom Baldwin is “Un-Marked,” and a 4400 dies.

I loved that a couple of our favorite characters ended up with abilities of their own.

Meghan Doyle - director of NTAC's Seattle division, can turn objects into flowers.

Marco Pacella - The lead analyst in NTAC's theory room, appears to be able to look at a picture and WHAM! he appears there.

It leaves us wanting to know: Will Tom Baldwin take the shot? And what of that last scene sign, welcoming us to Seattle nee Promise City, the city of goodwill?

"Make this world better than it is!" - Isabelle (her final words)

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Jenn said...

Just wanted to add a few more thoughts.

Be warned, SPOILERS ahead:

Got teary during the scene where Danny asks big bro Shawn to kill him and also during the subsequent funeral for D and his mom.

Patrick Flueger has grown so much as an actor over the course of this show. One of my fave moments in the finale was when Shawn broke down while talking to Dr. Berkoff about doing whatever was necessary to save his brother. It really hit him that he had just lost his mother. Patrick really played that moment well -- it reminded me that although he's in an authoritative role and plays a huge part in the 4400s lives, underneath it all, he's still just a young guy who was forced to grow up too soon and take on such an adult role.