Big Premiere Night THURSDAY!

8 PM
Watch it Live: Ugly Betty
DVR it: My Name is Earl (one-hr premiere) / Smallville

9 PM
Watch it Live: Grey’s Anatomy
DVR it: a second chance to catch Reaper (if you haven’t already)

10 PM
Watch it Live:
Big Shots [series premiere]
Michael Vartan and Dylan McDermott return to TV (yay!)
DVR it: ER

Here’s a (brief) rundown of where we left off:
Ugly Betty: Daniel and Alexis were in a nasty car crash, Henry’s ex Charlie declared she was preggers with his baby, Betty discovers the baby might not be Henry’s (but not before Henry took off), Bradford and Wilhelmina got engaged, Amanda found out Fey Sommers may be her momma (!), Justin performed in the school musical, and got Santos got shot.

My Name is Earl: Earl made the ultimate sacrifice for crazy ex-wife Joy and landed in prison. What will Randy do without him?

Grey’s Anatomy: George failed his intern exam, Christina lost her eyebrows, Alex lost his Jane Doe, Derek was offered the Chief job and turned it down, Callie was named Chief Resident over Bailey, Burke called off the wedding, McDreamy got his flirt on with random woman at the bar, said random woman turns out to be Mer’s half-sis. Oh and Burke skipped town.

Smallville: Mama Kent moves to Washington, Chloe discovers her power, a few people are presumed dead, evil Clark appears, dam bursts.

ER: Luka left for Croatia to see his dying father, Neela finally found Ray in the hospital (without his legs!), the ER got a new chief, Neela found herself in grave danger at an anti-war rally.

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