Weekly Rewind: Monday-Wednesday

Sorry this is coming so late, but we do have day jobs too people!

Prison Break: "Fire/Water"

Thankfully, they didn’t prolong the ‘find Whistler’ storyline (thanks to Mahone). Michael was able to win favor with Lechero by providing water to squelch the inmate revolt.

Now that Whistler’s out of the underground, how the hell is Michael going to get him out of Sona? And boy, did that Whistler clean off the sewer dirt quickly! Not too hard on the eyes either :)

BONES: "The Widow’s Son in the Windshield"

Zach couldn’t adapt in Iraq so they sent him home, not really giving us much time to miss him. He walks through the door about halfway through the episode, with a swanky new military buzz haircut. Speaking of haircuts, how about Hodgins new look? Very Nice.

The interrogation of the guy with the diamond in his tooth? Creepy!
"The younger the person, the better. Except for babies. Babies taste kind of like fish."
Human flesh. The other white meat. 4 out of 5 cannibals recommend it.


HOUSE: "Alone"

And boy was he. Very good premiere. Loved Dr. Buffer (aka Janitor dude), who we think should pop in now and again, just for pure entertainment.

It was sad not to see the trio: Chase, Cameron and Foreman.
Other highlights: Wilson holding House’s guitar hostage, Wilson’s love of telenovelas, and House making his search for a new team of lackeys into a competition. All the potential candidates have numbers around their necks, so that House doesn’t have to learn their names of course.


Gossip Girl: "The Wild Brunch"

Serena and Dan - over before it began? Probably not. This is a soapy show is it not? They’ll be lots of back and forth all season long.

It’s interesting that Nate isn’t over Serena and she seems...not interested. And why is Blair so intent on sleeping with Nate - does she think that sex will make him forget about Serena?

So, Serena’s mom and Chuck’s dad huh? Well well well. We’ll see where that heads. Serena will not be a happy camper. Would you want your mom dating the father of a creepy, teenage serial date rapist who openly downs Scotch at a brunch?

Speaking of Chuck, how about that threesome? One word: ewwwww. How much did he have to pay them?

And sweet, innocent Jenny. Blair is gonna have a wicked easy time corrupting you. Don’t be her pawn!


Private Practice: "In Which We Meet Addison, A Nice Girl From Somewhere Else"

There’s been quite a bit of negative buzz about the quality and writing of this show. For us, the episode was ...eh. There were a few entertaining bits, but it felt like something was missing. There was no oomph to it. No attitude. What happened to the confident, take-charge fashionista whose grand entrance shook things up at Seattle Grace? The one that we all fell in love with and forgave for cheating on McDreamy? It's understandable that they don't want to be Grey’s 2.0, but they sure didn’t let us forget it with that whole opening involving Chief Webber.

But on the positive side:
- TIM DALY, so hot!
- The funny risky business dance complete with The Sprinkler move.
- Cooper tied up.
- Pete thinking his kiss was so special that it convinced Addison to move to Cali.
- Chief Webber's all-too-brief appearance

We love all the actors on this show, so we really hope they work out all the kinks!

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