Burn Notice: "Loose Ends"

When spies get fired, they don't get a letter from human resources.

They get BURNED...

Michael Westen, an international spy who suddenly finds himself blacklisted. Dumped in his hometown of Miami without money or resources, Michael struggles to put his life back together and find out why he's been burned. In the meantime, he uses his unique skills and training to help people in need ... mostly people who can't get help from the police.

Michael is joined by Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) an ex-IRA operative, who also happens to be an ex-girlfriend; and Sam (Bruce Campbell), a washed-out military intelligence contact who's being used by the feds to keep tabs on Michael.

He's also forced to confront the family he went halfway around the world to get away from - particularly his mother, Madeline (Sharon Gless) who couldn't be happier to have her son back in town. (USAnetwork.com)

"Michael what's going on?" - Mama Weston
"They want to bring me in" - Michael
"Who, who is it?" - Mama Weston
(With Sarcasm) " I don't know, covert intelligence agencies don't call you up and tell you why their hunting you!" -Michael

What we liked:

  • Jeffrey Donovan narrating, instructing the audience on how to become a spy.
  • Sharon Gless back on our T.V. as mother to yet another son named Michael.
  • Fiona, the gun-crazy ex-girlfriend that's still in love with Michael.
  • REALLY though, just about everything!
It's funny b/c when I saw previews for the show I thought, great another wannabe spy show. Boy was I wrong. That first episode sucked us in and didn't let go!

The Fantastic 2 hr. season finale kept us on the edge of our seats the whole time. The action, drama and yes, comedy steady throughout.

Just when we think we might find out why Michael was burned, they complicate it and make it a cliffhanger.

"When you work in intelligence you get used to the idea that some information is worth risking everything for. You sign up for the lifestyle or the millions of frequent flyer miles, but finally it all comes down to putting your ass on the line to learn something"
- Michael

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