FOX Monday premieres: Reviews

Series Premiere: K-Ville

First off, why did they show a preview of all the highlights of the episode literally 5 seconds before starting the show? Somewhere,
Lewis Black's head is exploding.

The pilot started off with a somber tone, reminding us of all the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We're introduced to Martin Boulet (Anthony Anderson) in the midst of the chaos, trying to maintain some semblance of control and provide help. His partner Charlie suddenly flips on the freakout switch and flees.

Two Years Later - Boulet still lives in the 9th Ward, still hanging on to hope that things will be fixed. He gets a new partner, in the form of the mysterious (but only for duration of the episode, more on that later) Trevor Cobb (Cole Hauser). They spend the rest of the episode solving a case involving shootings at charity fundraisers for the 9th Ward.
Overall: a bit different from most buddy cop shows, but not completely. This is definitely a show that you'll need to give a few more episodes before making a final decision.
Prison Break
Season 3, Episode 1: "Orientacion"

We all heard the rumors that the boys would end up back in prison by season 3. Just how that would happen, no one knew. Sona is definitely no Fox River.

Loved the new opening - mostly because it's 90% Wentworth :)

Sona is a tense, disgustingly filthy, and dangerous place; so treacherous that the guards have given up and left.

Poor poor Michael - all on his own and already target numero uno of Lechero, apparent bad-ass in charge. Lechero and his band of cronies are in complete control.

Their ultimate method of population control? Setting up kill-or-be-killed fights. Michael just happens to piss off Lechero enough to win a spot in the next fight.

We spend the rest of the episode in suspense (but not really, since you know they can't kill of the main star). We know Michael will be fine somehow and of course, whaddya know, Mahone comes to his rescue.

Overall: full of all the edge-of-your-seat suspense that PB does so well. Well, we've got the first half of the season plot laid out.

Is the Company behind the LJ and Sarah kidnapping? Why do they want Michael to break out this sewer-dweller Whistler guy? Who's this chick with the bloody scratches all over her face? Will Bellick finally get some clothes?!

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