What Are YOU Watching Tonight: TUESDAY

8 PM
[Watch it Live]:
“Bones” on FOX
[DVR it]: “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC
It’s the men’s turn to take on either the cha-cha-cha or the foxtrot. Who’ll be this year’s Billy Ray? And by that we mean, a totally polarizing contestant – awful or entertaining?
(Side note: Marissa will be resident recapper for all things DWTS, you'll hear from her after Wed. results show)

[Watch it Live]:
“House” on FOX
[DVR it]:
“Reaper” on The CW [series premiere]
We gave this one a 4 TV rating – give it a try, you shall be entertained!!

[Watch it Live]:
“Cane” on CBS [series premiere]

Read the full post for episode descriptions

[Bones] Episode: The Widow’s Son in the Windshield
The Squints are back! From titantv.com: Brennan and Booth investigate a community suspected of having cannibalistic tendencies in the third-season opener. Meanwhile, Angela hires a private eye to find her ex, so she can get their marriage annulled.

[House] Episode: Alone
Alone indeed. After the mass exodus of Dr. Crankypants’s underlings, who’s left for him to belittle and torture? Potential candidates in the running this season include: Olivia Wilde (“The Black Donnellys,” “The O.C.”), Peter Jacobsen (“The Starter Wife”), Anne Dudek, and everyone’s favorite White Castle-seeker Kal Penn.

From titantv.com: Slacker Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison) becomes a reluctant bounty hunter for the devil (Ray Wise) after his soul is accidentally sold to Satan by his parents. In the opener, he gets his first job: capturing a pyromaniacal demon that escaped from hell and must be returned to eternal damnation.

[Cane] From aol.com: Patriarch Pancho Duque (Hector Elizondo) sets off a bitter feud when he bypasses his eldest son (Nestor Carbonell) and names his son-in-law (Jimmy Smits) as heir apparent to the family rum and sugar business. Meanwhile, the rival Samuels family wants to obtain Duque's lucrative sugar crops by any means.

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