What Are YOU Watching Tonight: SUNDAY

The Fall TV season launch kicks into high gear this week. Here's the stuff on our schedule tonight:

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8:00 PM - "The Simpsons" kicks off its 19th season:
Homer falls in love with the high life of flying in private planes when he saves Mr. Burns from drowning, and Burns repays him by flying him to Chicago for a night on the town. Lionel Richie has a voice cameo as himself and Stephen Colbert provides the voice for Homer's life coach.

OR your second chance to catch "Gossip Girl" on The CW

9:00 PM - "Family Guy" returns in all its over-the-top, raunchy glory:
The sixth season opens with a "Star Wars" spoof in which Luke Skywalker (Chris Griffin) enlists Han Solo (Peter) for a mission to take a Death Star back from Darth Vader (Stewie), and rescue Leia (Lois) from his evil clutches. Brian takes Chewbacca's role, while Quagmire is C-3PO and Cleveland is R2-D2. Rush Limbaugh, Helen Reddy and Chevy Chase have voice cameos

OR refresh your memory on the happenings of Wisteria Lane's third season.

Finally, at 10:00 PM - "Brothers & Sisters" serves up highlights from the freshmen season, complete with outtakes! C'mon, who doesn't like a good blooper reel?


Angie said...

A little late but I finally got to see the Season Premier of The Simpsons....Hey you, beer me...

Jenn said...

That opening was pretty awesome to wasn't it? "I WILL NOT WAIT 20 YRS TO MAKE ANOTHER MOVIE" ha