Season Pick-ups and Other News

A few weeks ago, The CW's "Gossip Girl" had the honor of being the first show to receive a full season pick-up. Now "Private Practice" gets a go at it as well. Oh, yeah and some CBS shows we don't watch. Zap2it

Speaking of Practice, looks like Addison will have more man candy coming her way. David Sutcliffe (Christopher on "Gilmore Girls) is
joining the cast.

Debra Messing
continues her "Starter Wife" adventures.

Get geeked out even more over K.Bell joining "Heroes." Check out this awesome
Give Me My Remote feature: Kristen Bell, From PI to Hero (complete with video).

Looks like both "Ugly Betty" and "Desperate Housewives" are
killing off some characters.


Hey, Where Have I Seen That Person Before?

Lots of familiar (but not by name) faces popped up on our screens this week:

Former Superman Dean Cain finally came to "Smallville." Except that he was pretty eeeevil. And immortal.

Lisa Sheridan (Larkin on "Invasion") was the doctor who had a failed lunch date with Dan's brother Jack on "Journeyman." Sheridan also popped up on "Moonlight" a few weeks ago.

Eddie Shin (Lane's almost BF on "Gilmore Girls") put in a hilarious turn as
Wilfred Woodruff on "Pushing Daisies." He was the angry great great great great grandson of a Civil War vet whose sword was stolen by Louis Schatz.

Marsha Thomason (Nessa on "Las Vegas") made a brief appearance on "Cane."

Vanessa Lengies (Roxanne on "American Dreams") was Leni, the prosecution witness Mick was hired to find on "Moonlight."

Finally, Erick Avari (Dr. Suresh - Mohinder's dad - on "Heroes") was Harold Templeton the spy who met with Nick George on "Dirty Sexy Money."