Vote for Pushing Daisies!

ABC is the lone network not airing the Obama informercial tonight. So if you're not an undecided voter (or if you've taken advantage of early voting), give "Pushing Daisies" a try!

Please? I'm asking nicely. Don't make me beg. But I will if it comes to that.

Pleeeeease watch Pushing Daisies tonight at 8PM on ABC!!!



Who doesn't love lipsynched '80s songs?

"It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight...."

Cheers to the "Supernatural" crew and the CW for airing this minute and a half of pure cheesy, lipsynched awesomeness!

Last Thursday's episode, "Yellow Fever," was THE funniest episode of "Supernatural" yet.

It is truly one of my top 5 shows this season. And that is a hard-earned title, given that it is awarded by ME (someone who watches one too many shows!). The other shows that I have bestowed that honor upon are: Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, and (though it might be premature, given that I've only seen the season premiere) 30 Rock. In my opinion, these shows are thriving creatively, even if their ratings are lacking.

That's the biggest surprise in this early part of the TV season -- that so many good shows are finding themselves on the bubble. Can someone please explain to my why more people would rather watch "Two and Half Men" or "Dancing with the Stars" than Chuck Bartowski and co?

On the positive side, there were a few pleasant surprises last week. Nicole Richie as Sarah's nemesis from high school on "Chuck" was not bad. Was that her first true acting gig? Anyone know?

Katie Holmes did a decent turn (and kick!) on "Eli Stone." She actually made me forget for 45 min. that she's Mrs. Cruise. She was delightfully charming. I wouldn't mind seeing her character return later in the season.

Random complaint: why is Monday the new Thursday? In terms of scheduling I mean. Eight shows in one night takes its toll on my TV-loving brain. I'm mostly reduced to watching the ones I cannot record online. It usually takes me until Friday to catch up on it all. Oy. I'm already exhausted and it's not even November
sweeps yet!!