Lazy Hazy Days

I blame my lack of posting on the combo of 90 degree days and crazy torrential rain. Or just plain laziness on my part. It's odd to only have three shows in my viewing rotation (until tomorrow that is, when the highly-anticipated second season of "Burn Notice" premieres).

I've been very pleased with this season of "Army Wives" thus far. I have no idea why, but every other episode causes me to get a bit teary-eyed; although in my defense, killing off Amanda the way they did should make anyone cry. At least a little. Unless you're a robot.

"My Boys" on the other hand, has been a bit underwhelming. The premiere was quite anticlimactic -- were we really supposed to be believe that PJ had a thing for Bobby again?! She moved on (and so did this viewer). Personally, I think those two kids are better off as friends. I'm also not quite sure what to think of the whole Bobby and the hot nanny relationship. Partly because I remember the chick from her guest spot last season on "Chuck" (she was a rival of Sarah's who tried to stir up trouble between the two lovebirds). I think I mentioned it back then as well, does she remind anyone else of an anorexic Cameron from "House?"

I still heart "My Boys," especially anytime the always hilarious Jim Gaffigan (Andy) is in a scene. And Mike's creepily spot-on 'McConaughey' had me rolling. Lastly, what's up with Kenny gettin all the chicks?

"In Plain Sight" has managed to earn a spot on my DVR series recording list. I struggled to make it through the pilot -- I swear that Mary was either taking off or putting on her jacket every five minutes! Thankfully, the show has improved as the season has progressed. It always helps to bring in Dave Foley for a guest spot. A comically-evil Dave Foley. I almost felt bad when he was outsmarted by the marshals in the end. Almost.

I love Mary's partner, Marshall (Marshall the marshal - can you tell I'm easily amused?). If it wasn't for his comedic relief, I probably would've stopped watching after episode two.

What I don't like so much are Mary's mother and sister. They really add nothing to the plot. Can't we just have them go all Thelma & Louise and drive off a cliff together? Would anyone really miss them? It seems to me that Lesley Ann Warren keeps getting typecast. Her floozy, boozy unemployed mom character is pretty much the exact same one she played on "Desperate Housewives." Mary's good-for-nothing sister is equally as annoying. Although I have to say, at least the writers are attempting to humanize her (with the whole taking-care-of-Mary's-kinda-boyfriend bit).