Heroes: "Four Months Later" [Recap]

“How long can they dwell in the shadows before either fate or their own flawed humanity draws them out into the light again? And how will they know what awaits them when it finally does?”

The answer to that is apparently, four months. What has happened to our favorite Heroes after the showdown in Kirby Plaza? Let’s take role call:

- Mohinder is back to lecturing, this time in Cairo. A strange man keeps showing up to watch. Mohinder finally confronts him – he works for The Company and is there to offer a job. Not surprisingly, he can also turn objects to gold. Mohinder then contacts HRG (or can we call him Noah now?) and confirms that their plans are in motion. They’re working on something big to take The Company down. Speaking of the former Mr. Bennett….

- Who is now going by Butler? The former HRG has uprooted the family to Costa Verde, CA. He’s working at a Kinko's-type place called Copy Kingdom. Can’t seem to get away from the paper industry huh? I guess he picked up some actual experience at Primatech while kidnapping and conducting experiments on Heroes.

- Claire meanwhile has to adjust to a low-key, existence at a new high school. Something tells me, that it won’t last too long. Oops! Looks like she’s already drawn the attention of West, who’s not quite who he appears to be. Of course, only we the audience know that little flyboy already knows that Claire is “different.” And there’s bitchy cheerleader moment that I don’t care to recap at the moment. What’s more interesting is she calls Nathan – how does she know he’s alive?

- Newbies! We’re introduced to Maya and Alejandro, siblings on the run in San Cristobal, Honduras. And who are wanted for murder. They talk about reaching NY to find…some answers? I’m guessing they’re looking for one Dr. Mohinder Suresh? Anyway, Maya’s got some kind of crazy power – which involves killing people by making them bleed out from their eyes.

- Parkman’s OK! And he’s a real live cop now! He’s moved to NYC and is hiding out with Molly at Suresh’s apartment. We also learn that he and his wife divorced – wasn’t she preggers? Molly’s teacher warns Matt of Molly’s increasingly disturbing pictures. All with the same symbol and creepy eyes. She’s been having nightmares about the “bad man” again and they’re only getting worse. Those sounds Matt heard while reading her sleeping mind creeped me out.

- We see Hiro’s landing in 1671 Japan again. There’s an eclipse, some arrows shot, and Hiro saving a mystery dude on a horse. He thinks it’s Takezo Kensei, his childhood hero. Turns out to be some random guy paid to do his bidding. After teleporting away from the combat, Hiro meets the real Kensei, who turns out to be a
gaijin’ – which is Japanese for foreigner or person of non-Asian descent.
Hiro learns that age-old lesson, meeting your hero is never what it’s cracked up to be.Instead of an honorable sword saint who fights for honor, the real Kensei fights for whomever pays him the most money. And he’s kind of a drunk.

- Meanwhile, back in present-day Manhattan, Mr. Nakamura and a suited up Ando (has he been taking tips from Barney Stinson?) are pondering about Hiro’s whereabouts. Mr. N finally admits that he’s proud of his son’s mission and will patiently wait for him to turn up. Ando also brushes right past a disheveled looking Nathan Petrelli! Yikes, talk about unrecognizable (I had to rewind the DVR to double check). More about him later. Mr. Nakamura then receives a picture of himself that’s been marked with the same symbol from Molly’s drawings. He tells Ando he’ll be dead in 24 hours.

- Nathan stumbles into Peter’s old apartment to find Mama Petrelli waiting for him. They argue over keeping the Peter’s things there since he’s dead. Nathan orders her out and while in the hallway, she finds a picture exactly like Mr. Nakamura’s. She’s marked for death as well. She later meets Mr. N up on the rooftop – they theorize that it could be one of their own, seeing as there are now only 9 of them left. So, someone’s set out to off the older generation, who could it be?

- Mr. Nakamura is on the rooftop alone when a mysterious hooded figure approaches. He seems to know exactly who it is. However, he doesn’t get much time to defend himself, as the figure attacks and pulls him off the building to his death. Yikes.

- Nathan later drowns his sorrows at the bar. Taking a short glimpse in the mirror, he sees himself fleshless (eww), just what the hell happened after Peter went kaboom?

- And finally, we wind up in Cork, Ireland. Three guys looking for box 9109 – it’s empty…..except for somebody crouching down in the corner! Voila! It’s Peter Petrelli, half-naked and chained up! With apparent amnesia. He's also wearing a necklace with the same symbol from Molly's dream and Mr. Nakamura and Mrs. Petrelli's marked pics. Looks like Petey will be in Ireland for a little while.

Ok, that about wraps things up for now. I’m sure I missed some things. Let me know in the Comments section!

Can’t wait for next week!


Terri said...

Ok, so we rewound the dvr too to see Nathan! Cool.
We, my husband Jeff and I, were discussing that there was so much going on. We wished that there had been less characters focused on in this first episode.
And I never thought about how Claire knew where Nathan was...hmm
And how in the heck did Peter get to Ireland, chained in that unit??

Jenn said...

Ditto! They really tried to pack in as many characters as possible -- it was a bit hard to follow..and they didn't even cover everyone yet! AND they're introducing more newbies soon. I think we're going to need a cheat sheet to keep up.