FOX - Why Bother?

If you were wondering when the rest of our reviews for FOX's new fall offerings were coming... well, they're not. If you recall from our introductory post, we don't cover reality shows (unless they happen to be DWTS or one of the craptastic VH1 shows that we not-so-secretly love to watch).

The only other new scripted show is "Back to You" and neither of us really cares for Kelsey Grammer or Patricia Heaton. We're sure that "Frasier" and "Raymond" fans may enjoy it due to the fact that, judging from reviews, neither actor is straying too far away from the characters that made them famous.

It's just not our cup of tea. Sorry folks!

We will stick to covering our favorites: Family Guy, Prison Break, Bones, and House. We're giving K-Ville a chance. The rest of our precious TV watching time will be devoted to the other networks.

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