Summer TV Wrap-Up

With the finale of “Burn Notice” this past week, we bid a fond farewell to the Summer TV season of ’07. All the cool kids hung out on the cable block.

We had two shortly spaced out seasons with the boys of “Entourage.” Thankfully, we won’t ever have to hear the word ‘Medellin’ again (we hope). Johnny Drama got finally got his own pad. He also got some attention and some action at the same time. Way to go Drama!

So the Cannes trip didn’t quite work out as planned……better luck next season boys!

Read on for our take on the rest of summer's highlights:

“Big Love”
Props to Ginnifer Goodwin for entertaining us with Margene’s antics. Like the youngest sister-wife, we too took a little liking to Ana, Bill’s diner gal. Poor Margene is in desperate need of friends, especially outside the family. Well, judging from the way Bill reacted to seeing Ana at Joey’s engagement party, we very well might be seeing more of the girl in season 3.

“Army Wives”
We were not expecting to get sucked into a drama about a group of Army wives. BUT, it’s from Mark Gordon, one of the exec-producers of “Grey’s Anatomy.” So naturally, all the soapy antics of the wives kept us tuned in well after the first episode. We loved all the gals: sassy Roxie, no-nonsense Pamela, timid but loyal Denise (who finally learned to assert herself), mother-hen Claudia Joy, and level-headed honorary wife, Roland.

The cliffhanger ender was incredibly annoying and it looks like we’ll have to wait until Spring (!) for the resolution.

“My Boys”
This show is all about fun and big laughs. As a lot of reviewers have noted, these characters are easily the most relatable on TV. They don’t have heroic powers, they don’t solve grisly crimes, hell we don’t even see them at work (with the exception of PJ and Bobby). What we do see is the best part of their days: hanging out with each other. I mean, who wants to be reminded of how craptastic their day at work was (for that, you can probably tune in to “The Office”)?

Again, another finale with a cliffhanger. Just who did PJ invite to go to Italy with her? Our money’s on either Bobby or the cute Cubs player.

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