NBC: "Chuck" Pilot Review

As we were preparing for the new fall season, we were most looking forward to ABC's new programming. However, we ended up be being pleasantly surprised at what NBC had to offer: a multitude of new and different shows that really piqued our interest.

Premise: A one-hour, action-comedy series about Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) – a computer geek who is catapulted into a new career as the government’s most vital secret agent. When Chuck opens an e-mail subliminally encoded with government secrets, he unwittingly downloads an entire server of sensitive data into his brain. Now, the fate of the world lies in the unlikely hands of a guy who works at a Buy more Electronics store. Instead of fighting computer viruses, he must now confront assassins and international terrorists.

Just how much did we enjoy "Chuck?" Enough that it will be replacing "Prison Break" on our Watch Live list. Yeah, it's
that good.

Cameo alert!: Matthew Bomer (late of ABC's short-lived "Traveler") pops in as Bryce Larkin, Chuck's old college roomie/assumed-to-be-accountant, but actually rogue CIA spy who passes on the gov't secrets to an unsuspecting Chuck.

J’s thoughts:

What I liked loved: the faux spy opening, Zachary Levi as the lovably naïve Chuck, Adam Baldwin doing what he does best: antagonizing the guy he has to protect.

Chuck and bff Morgan call Chuck's sister Ellie's boyfriend, 'Captain Awesome.'
There's also a minor throwaway joke – as Chuck enters a Costco-type Warehouse, he passes a display of AstroDiapers (slightly dated, but still pretty amusing).

Overall impression: while many have been comparing this show to "Alias" and another new fall show, "Reaper," personally I am reminded a bit more of "Jake 2.0" with its humor and its normal-guy-unwittingly-thrust-into-spy-world setup. Hopefully the rest of the episodes will live up to the pilot.
Rating = 5!

M's thoughts:

"Aces Charles, you're aces" Ellie (Chuck's sister)

What I liked loved: ummm just about everything! There was a super cool car chase scene, using porno to defuse a bomb, and the place where Chuck works, "Buy More," is situated right next to a "Large Mart."

Overall impression: I really loved the Alias-style opening. It's fantastic to see Adam Baldwin (Jayne on Firefly) back on T.V.; that dude totally rocks. The pilot is action- packed and funny. They don't throw too much information at you, they kind of ease you into the plot. I seriously think the rest of the episodes will keep with the same energy as the pilot.
Rating = 5

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