The Big Bang Theory - DOWNGRADE!

Courtesy of EW's Front Row site, we were finally able to watch the full pilot.

If you recall, in our original CBS review post, we gave the show a rating of 2 based solely on the previews. Well, here we go on the full review:

From the creator of "Two and a Half Men"Strike One

Annoying laugh track (that plays even at unfunny moments) –
Strike Two

Overabundance of nerds-meet-hot girl jokes & predictable outcome? – Strike Three!!!

Every "funny" joke in this show has already been shown in the previews. Compare it to a super-spoilery movie trailer, where you get all the best parts and by the time you watch the full thing, it doesn't have nearly the same effect.

For "The Big Bang Theory," it was only half-amusing to begin with.

We put forth an honest effort to review this show -- Marissa could not make it through the entire episode (can ya blame her?); I did, but only barely.

It was so predictable and unfunny, we are forced to downgrade it to a 1 -- Waste of airtime!

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