Scissors, Meet My Pinky Toe: "Heroes" RECAP

Location: Wandering Rocks Pub, Cork, Ireland
Peter’s out of the storage unit and tied to a chair. And still shirtless. And getting water splashed all over him. And did I mention shirtless? Where was I? Oh right, so the three thuggish Irish dudes that found him are now attempting to beat information out of him. Hello, he’s got amnesia; you’re really not going to get anything relevant out of him.

Kaitlin, sister of head thug dude comes in to clean the blood off of Peter’s face. They start to talk about the previous night and the weird blue sparks that knocked back one of the guys. Peter thinks it came from his hands. Kaitlin then notices that all the wounds and bruises she’s been cleaning off have somehow miraculously disappeared.

Location: Costa Verde, CA
Mrs. Bennett accidentally drops her ring into a pot of boiling water. Apparently bored, Claire reaches in with her bare hand to retrieve. Red, scalded hand, yadda yadda, heals itself, blah. Next! She begins to whine about how ‘laying low’ is really cramping her style. Mr. Bennett/HRG/Noah reiterates that she needs to attract as little attention to herself as possible if she wants to be safe.

Mrs. B shows HRG the latest newspaper: “Yamagato CEO Dead at Age 70.
“How’d you know this was gonna happen? – well, HRG’s got a painting of Isaac Mendez’s. This painting predicted Mr. Nakamura’s deathly fall and is just one in a series of eight. His new mission is to locate the remaining seven. Who gave him the first one?

Bio class: the lecture is all about lizards and their abilities of cell regeneration. Claire, being the oh-so-subtle gal she is, asks about the possibility of human body part regeneration. Teacher gives her a look of semi-amusement and then imparts this little comment: “We don’t even need a pinky toe for balance, it’s all just junk in our DNA.” Oh you know someone is going to take that as advice.

Stalker boy West is intrigued by Claire’s curiosity in class and decides to creep her out some more. Anyone notice the little gang of cheerleaders walking behind and staring oddly at little “nobody” Claire? Hmmm…what are they up to? Ooh look! Claire’s car is gone. Ten bucks says it’s some weird cheerleading hazing/initiation ritual? We all know it won’t be long before Ms. Bennett (or should I say, Ms. Butler?) is back in cheer uniform. And of course, there are already pictures from upcoming episodes all over the Internet.

Location: Deveaux Rooftop, New York
Parkman’s at the scene of the Nakamura murder. He questions Ando about the marked picture of Kaito. Ando says the symbol is the crest of Takezo Kensei. It also means both “god send” and “great ability.”

Angela Petrelli’s fingerprints were found on the photo.

Location: Otsu, Japan, 1671
Hiro: “Have you seen the scary white man?”
Well I don’t know if I’d call him scary. Drunk, yes. Scary? Not so much.

It’s up to Hiro to get the dude sober enough to save Yaeko, the woman he’s supposed to fall in love with according to legend.
“You look like a fish when you talk. Like a giant carp.”

Hey, ooh got an idea: Dress up time!

Yaeko is defending herself against a gaggle of sword-wielding men. “Kensei” rides in to save the day. The men laugh, “Why does he keep saying his own name?” Hiro manages to take all of their swords and bows, leaving them to scamper away.

Location: Hartsdale, New York
Mohinder arrives to meet Bob, who gives him his first assignment, track down a man with a virus – one that has left him with weakness, tremors and loss of abilities. Only two other known cases of the virus, one was Mohinder's sister and the other, little Molly Walker. The only cure? Mohinder's blood of course. And where’s he headed? Port-Au-Prince, Haiti – give you one guess as to who this mystery man is.

Location: Coatepeque, Guatemala
Maya and Alejandro arrive a family friend Nidia’s house. She will be helping them to cross the border to Mexico. Another strange guest in the house insists on helping Maya with her ‘illness.’ She’s a healer and forces Maya to let her help. Bad idea, as she sees bad, bad things: “What you carry inside is black. Enough to kill the devil.” Oooh scary. Bored already! They need to move this little story along.

Location: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Mohinder goes to the house of….the Haitian! Does anyone know his actual name? Or we could just call him, Most Effective with his Silent Acting? While we’re off topic, since when does Suresh speak French? “Heroes” is certainly working the international flavor Working in Japanese, Spanish and French subtitles all in one ep.

Ok, back to the virus story, the Haitian doesn’t want the cure, thinks it’s all part of God’s plan to take it away from him cause he abused it. Mohinder begs him to let him try and voila! It works. He’s at a desk analyzing the results when next thing you know, it’s clearly hours later and he’s in the exact same position. Bob from the Company is there. Mohinder's short-term memory was wiped and the Haitian is gone.

Back to the PUB
Peter still tied to chair, now concentrating all his energy on breaking free. He’s able to pass his hands right through the rope. He’s ready to escape through the window when, he hears commotion out in the pub. Kaitlin’s being roughed up by two tough hooligans. Peter steps in with some kick ass super strength and more blue spark shooting.

Is it just me or does Peter seem to have more control over his powers as an
amnesiac than he ever did at full memory?

Otsu, Japan
Hiro works his nerdy charm on Yaeko, trying desperately to keep his mask on. Later, Yaeko gives the real Kensei her father’s sword. Kensei and Hiro are ready to leave on their rescue mission when the sword gang from earlier appear out of nowhere and shoot Kensei. Oops! Hiro’s freaking out, thinking he’s royally screwed up by getting his hero killed. But wait! What’s this? His arrow wounds are closing up….and he’s alive again!
Wacky theory time: any possibility that Claire is one of Kensei’s descendants?

Mrs. Petrelli is interrogated at the NY police station. She reveals that the red symbol marked on the pictures are the logo for her husband’s law firm (more on this in moment). Parkman’s trying to read her thoughts, which she figures out quite quickly. But not before she mentions revenge as a possible motive for the attack on Mr. Nakamura. Nathan’s arrived to pick her up, when she’s attacked by an unseen person or force? Nathan and Parkman are able to get to her in time.

Copy Kingdom
HRG is on the phone with Mohinder, who gives him the update on his assignment. Their plan is still working. HRG: “You’ve given me everything I need.” Surprise! Hey, it’s the Haitian!

Bennett Home
Claire’s sitting around watching a dog show on TV with Mr. Muggles, with her feet up on the table, bio book open. Hmmm….lizards. Cell regeneration. Useless pinky toe. Scissors. What’s a girl to do? Let’s cut that toe off and see if it grows back! Ewwwww. While really disgusting, watching it grow back is kinda cool.

Hey, it’s that stalker boy West and he’s watching her through the window. Claire fails to find him outside, but he’s left her a little present: Dr. Suresh’s book. Would he just hurry up already and reveal himself? Otherwise, he’ll just keeping coming off like some freaky stalker.

The Mysterious Symbol
Here’s a recap of where we’ve seen it and what we know about it:
- Molly Walker sees it in her dreams of the Big Bad Guy and draws it in her pictures
- Kensei’s crest
- According to Ando, it means both “god send” and “great ability”
- Logo for Papa Petrelli’s law firm
- Peter’s necklace
- Marked on ‘death notice’ photos of Mr. Nakamura and Mrs. Petrelli

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Thanks for the update Jenn!!! I am hooked on this show and I can't wait to see more. I just wish they would stop jumping around and focus on one person for at least a second. I guess that's what makes it so great is you never know whats going on! See you at work!