Quotes of the Week

This week's premiere of "How I Met Your Mother" was chock full of hilarious moments like:

Ted: Gail?
Gael: No, Guy-el
Barney: Kyle?
Gael: No, Guy-el
Marshall: Girl?


Barney commenting on Ted’s butterfly tattoo:
"The Tramp Stamp. A ho tag. Ass Antlers. A Panama City license plate."

Marshall: Check your e-mail. Sent you something.
Barney: What is it?
Marshall: Just a new website.
Barney: What does this mean?
Marshall sniffs hand, lifts hand up ready to strike

Barney: Nooooooooo!!!!!

Non-HIMYM quotes in the full post!!

That’s the kind of dirty that don’t wash clean.”
- Amanda on Ugly Betty, reflecting on having a past sexual relationship with
possible half-brother, Daniel.


“Rule #1: Don’t bother sucking up, I already hate you. That’s not gonna change.”
- Christina, channeling her inner Bailey, on Grey’s Anatomy.


And finally, only those crazy Family Guy folks could do a hilarious send-up of “Star Wars” complete with a title sequence that segued from Luke and Leia, to this:

“Angelina Jolie kissed her brother. Yeah, she did. You know it, I know it, and her dad knows it. That’s why they hardly ever talk anymore. You can run away to Africa, but you can’t run away from the truth.”

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