Dancing With The Stars: RESULTS!

The results show, almost always my favorite night. I just love watching those professionals dance.
After 2 huge nights in the ballroom, it came down to MEN vs. WOMEN.

All the judges felt like this was the best start to any season, not only the dancing but also the entertainment. The couple that combined both of these qualities in “perhaps the best cha cha cha they have ever seen” were Sabrina and Mark..

They should use Kenny Maine more often, NOT for dancing, but for the funny bits. Oh and by the way where was Jimmy Kimmel? I missed his instructions on dancing!

Well obviously the first couple to leave was Josie and Alec. She was just BAD. I do feel sorry for Alec though, that’s 2 seasons in a row for him. I did feel like maybe they set Josie up a bit. All during “Testosterone Tuesday” when they talked about elimination, they showed Josie’s face. I mean come on, I know the girl is bad, but at least give her a fair shot.

OK that’s my rant on results, TUNE IN....Seriously I’ll be here every Monday and Tuesday keeping you up to date!

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