Dancing With The Stars RECAP: 10/01/2007

This week DWTS was even more entertaining than opening week! Almost everyone brought their A game. Drew Lachey was back again this week co-hosting. (woohoo) Always good to see him. There were slips, tears and way too much of two Osmonds!

Mel B - Ouickstep
It was fun! She and Maks danced to Ah ha's "Take On Me." The judges seemed to like her, a 23.

"Fast paced, lots of energy" -Carrie

My favorite part came after she danced, when Drew was done interviewing them, he did his whole things with the phone number and texts, etc. This is what came next:

"So people give her what she wants, what she really really wants" - Drew (in reference to the Spice Girls "Wannabe")

Mark - Mambo
That guy man, he just really is having the best time! Judges gave him a 18.

"If there was a prize for hard work, dedication and a will to win, you'd win that prize." - Len
Wayne - Quickstep
Oh My! It was kind of sad to watch, he's a great entertainer but not a great dancer. The judges gave him a 15.
"You brought some of Las, Vegas to the Ballroom" -Carrie
Marie - Mambo
GOOD but.... she pulled her dress up like 4x, come on girl! She got a standing ovation(well deserved) Even Bruno got up and shimmied a little bit. The judges gave her a 24.
"Absolutely great" -Len
"You're one hot cougar" -Carrie
Albert - Quickstep
The judges gave him a 21.
"Wild kind of silly energy"- Carrie
"I've got a feeling your going to be the dark horse this season" - Len
Helio - Mambo
WOW!!! They both really moved on the floor, it looked like he has been dancing a long time when really he had a hard time moving his hips to start. The judges loved him too, 27.
"You were right on the beat you never lost it, even professionals would find that hard to do" -Bruno
"You're like the real deal man!" - Carrie
"You went into overdrive I'll tell you what, that was so good, very very well done"
- Len
Jennie - Quickstep
Ouch! It was just OK to watch, but right at the end her partner got caught in her dress and they both fell. Still judges gave them a 21.
"I think Ballroom is going to really suite you" - Carrie
Cameron - Mambo
Well it was just OK, in his video that airs right before the performance they showed him having a freaking breakdown, mostly b/c of his schedule. Judges gave him a 21.
"You looked like Superman but danced like Clark Kent"- Bruno
Floyd - Quickstep
He had a hard time getting rid of the boxing frame. I don't know, there is just something about him I don't like! Judges gave him a 21 also.
"Open up your chest a little bit more" - Carrie
"Very light and very fluffy" - Len
Jane - Mambo
It was a little bit slow but she entertains. Judges gave her a 21 (imagine that).
"You're playing to your strengths"- Carrie
"It was precise, exact and neat, an English mambo, prim and proper" -Len
Sabrina - Quickstep
Yet another WOW! it was so quick, that girl MOVES on the dance floor. Judges liked her too, a 26 again.
"Really quite amazing"- Carrie
"The no stress express" - Bruno
"That was blistering, you looked like a professional"- Len

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