ABC: "Dirty Sexy Money" Pilot Review

The official description from ABC:

Power, privilege and family money are a volatile cocktail. Living proof of this are the Darlings of New York City, so absurdly wealthy, they put the upper in Upper East Side. This preeminent family are always getting mixed up with the wrong people and finding themselves in the middle of bad situations. It'll take a miracle to take care of the legal and sometimes illegal needs of the Darling family.

That miracle comes in the form of Nick George. As a boy, Nick watched his father surrender his freedom and family as the Darling's trusted consigliere. Nick grew up in a troubled household where he was always second to the overpowering Darling family. Burned by his own boyhood encounters with them, he vowed never to follow in his father's footsteps. The idealistic Nick did a 180-degree turn and became a lawyer for the disadvantaged.

After the mysterious, sudden death of Nick's father, family patriarch Tripp Darling offers Nick the opportunity to inherit the responsibility of protecting the Darlings' secrets. The job, with an ungodly salary, will allow Nick the freedom to be an altruistic do-gooder. But he discovers all too soon that his new position requires him to be an all-around problem fixer, hand-holder, therapist and public relations expert.

J’s thoughts: The Darlings are complete and utter nut jobs! The children are narcissistic, needy, over-the-top, and incredibly high maintenance - almost to a point of cartoon-ish ridiculousness. Which is what makes this show such a total GUILTY PLEASURE!

The most devilish of the Darling children is ironically, also a minister. Reverend Brian has hated Nick since childhood for some reason, but he needs his help in getting his illegitimate child admitted to a prestigious boarding school.

Tripp (Donald Sutherland) and Letitia (Jill Clayburgh) appear to be more semi-normal than their offspring. But not by much. They need to be either intoxicated or highly medicated to put up with their offspring.

M’s thoughts: “Money makes everything go wrong” - Nick George

What a fun show to watch! My two favorite things about this show, besides the fabu cast: Tripp (Donald Sutherland) offering Nick the job as the Darling family lawyer for a whopping $10 Million a year, basically b/c he misses Nick’s dad.

My second fave thing....

Patrick (William Baldwin), an Attorney General who is married with kids and whom we assume to be happy, actually has a lover. And not just any lover, a she who used to be a HE! That’s right, a transvestite lover who he tries to payoff.

We were both hoping to not like this show (mainly b/c we really don’t need to add any more to the lineup), but we couldn’t help it! It’s just good campy fun. AND, it makes Wednesday nights really easy for us – keep the channel tuned to ABC!

Can’t wait to tune in next week for more of the shenanigans and misdeeds of the Darlings!

This one gets a rating of : 4 – definitely set your season pass beyotches!

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