Let's Talk 'Housewives' and 'Brothers & Sisters'

First up, Desperate Housewives:

Oh that Edie. So deliciously manipulative. Guess it shouldn't have been surprising that she would fake suicide to reel Carlos back in. I was curious as to how the writers would work their way out of that finale that left us, for lack of a better term, hanging. Edie should be grateful that Mrs. McCluskey is so nosy.

Bree and Orson continue to keep up the fake pregnancy charade, but not without a few near-disasters. The barbecue poker in the belly was a riot. But on a more serious side, it was a bit sad to hear Bree talking about wanting the new baby to be her second chance, since she now knows what she did wrong with her first two kids.

Bree's also finally met her match. New/old Wisteria Lane neighbor, Katherine Mayfair. That chick makes Bree look tame.

Continuing with the depressing: poor Lynette. M and I have always hated how, season after season, they put her through so much crap. The woman never catches a break. First, they have her hooked on her kids' ADD meds, then she tries to go back to work and has to deal with being the sole income provider of the household, then she finds out her hubby has an illegitimate child, then she's forced to quit that job and help run her husband's pizza shop, and now, they give her cancer?! Why can't they just let Lynette and Tom be happy for a change?

Susan's preggers! Her exam with Dr. Mayfair was one of the funnier bits in this episode. Hey, would you be able to relax if a hot doctor was examining your...well you know.

And speaking of Dr. Sexypants, welcome back to television Nathan Fillion! We missed you! (even if it was only for a few months - damn FOX for canceling "Drive")

I hope they give him more to do in the upcoming episodes. DH has a way of misusing their guest talent (e.g Alfre Woodard's odd son-locked-in-the-basement storyline).
The new mystery this season is semi-intruiging. Hopefully the resolution won't be lame.

Brothers and; Sisters - "Home Front"
One of the few success stories of the 06/07 TV season. There was talk of behind the scenes trouble that was resolved when Greg Berlanti (creator of "Everwood) was brought in as showrunner and Sally Field replaced Betty Buckley as Walker family matriarch, Nora. Thank goodness for that!

Personally, I found the pilot to be so-so. Then, week by week, each episode was better than the one preceding it.

The family dynamics make this group really fun to watch. They may be grown adults, but they certainly seem to act like adolescents, what with their habits of starting phone trees anytime one of them has a secret.

Last night's premiere was quite entertaining. The episode had a good balance of laughs, bickering, and tears.

Nora and Kitty's wedding dress shop squabble ending up on YouTube? Hilarious!

It was about time for Rebecca to confront Kitty, who seems to be the only Walker that has yet to embrace the recently discovered half-sib. But, then again, can you blame her? While Rebecca may seem genuine towards Nora, you still get the feeling that she probably shouldn't be trusted completely. There's gotta be a good reason, why else would her own mother warn Nora about her?

The most uncomfortable scene had to be when Julia blew up at Tommy about the loss of one of their twins, William. I can't believe she had the balls to say: "Tell her (Nora) to talk to me when Justin dies." The nerve!

Kevin (Matthew Rhys) was by far, the most amusing to watch. It was nice to finally see him happy in a relationship. Loved his drunken comment about "Richard Chamberlain and his cute little white collar - it’s taboo and it's irresistible, ooooh." Of course, we knew it wouldn't last for too long. But did they really have to send Jason off on a missionary trip to Malaysia? If "Viva Laughlin" is DOA like many are predicting, maybe we'll see Reverend boyfriend back sooner!

And the funniest moment for sure: Nora and Holly are at William's grave when a busty young woman looks to be headed to their spot. The looks on their faces were priceless!

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