ER: "The War Comes Home"

Last Thursday’s premiere of ER was great! The show picks right up from where it left off. Neela had just been trampled at a "peaceful" protest and Moretti (Stanley Tucci) had just taken over as Chief.

Watching the show, I couldn’t help but notice what a super jerk Moretti is; it doesn’t look like he is gonna make it easy for anybody that works there, especially Gates. It was nice to see Abby, Pratt and Morris, whom I personally thought would only be around for 1 season, form this tight group.

With Neela being so critical, everyone was constantly asking or trying to find out about her: was she all right, what are her vitals, is she awake from surgery.....

Gates and Abby really rally for Neela. They keep up on her condition, Abby even going so far as actually accompanying Dubenko into surgery. And at the end of the episode, all of our favorite County General docs and nurses end up in the waiting room with good thoughts for one of their own.

We just loved this episode.

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