Dancing With The Stars: MONDAY

So when it comes to Dancing With The Stars, I already feel like an expert. Since I was little I've been in love with dancing. My sister and I used to be each other's partner, dancing around our kitchen and living room like it was a grand ballroom. So obviously this show is right up my alley. I should also mention J caught dancing fever too!!
As a new season of DWTS begins, I'll be here, your resident expert on all things Dance!

On Sunday it was announced that usual co-host for DWTS, Samantha Harris, had her baby. So ABC made the decision not to reveal the new co-host until Monday. (DARN THEM!) As the show opened with music playing, the camera panned the audience and focused on none other than season 2 winner Drew FREAKIN Lachey! The new contestants walked down the stairs for the first time with big smiles and one in particular was the most fun to watch: Cameron Mathison and his slip down the stairs.

So Monday night was ladies night and boy did those ladies shine!

Jennie Garth kicked things off.
The cha cha cha, getting a 21 from the judges.
"Soft and floppy free leg" - Len
"Yummie mummie" - Bruno
"Really really well" - Carrie

Josie Maran - Foxtrot
She was funny but really uncoordinated, earning only a 16 from the judges.
"Out of your element" - Carrie
"You're like a beautiful sailing ship stranded on a sand bank" - Bruno

Sabrina Bryan - cha cha cha
It was young, fun, with some hip hop flavor. Can I just say WOW! The highest season opening score yet, a 26 from the judges.
"Fierce" - Carrie
"Bewitching blond dynamo" - Bruno
"Surgical precision" - Len

Marie Osmond - Foxtrot
She tried to be a "sex kitten" (gross). Judges gave her a 21.
"Flashy yet sassy" - Bruno
"Lovely" - Len
"The foxtrot suits you" - Carrie

Mel B - cha cha cha
She's fun you know there is gonna be lots of entertainment between her and Max. Judges liked her too, 24.
"Better dancer than I thought" - Carrie
"I liked it a lot" - Len
"Feisty kitten, right on the money" - Bruno

Jane Seymour- Foxtrot
She screamed like a teenage girl when she saw her partner was Tony! Judges gave her a 24.
"Essence of elegance"- Bruno
"Gave me chills"- Carrie
"Elegance personified" - Len

Overall the ladies totally ROCKED Monday night. Can the boys live up to the hype?

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