Dancing With The Stars: Testosterone Tues.

Nothing unusual to start Tuesday night. Cameron managed to stay on two feet walking down the stairs (you go boy!) He had the joy of starting the night for the men.

Cameron Mathison - Foxtrot
it was just eh to watch, the judges gave him a 21.
“Really good job for the first time out” -Len
“Good arm line” - Bruno
“Started off stiff” - Carrie

Floyd Mayweather - Cha Cha Cha
Well he got the 5x US National champ (Karina) but did she get another Billy Ray? Judges gave him an 18.
"Great Potential" - Len
"I'm gonna change your name from Mayweather to September Storm"- Bruno
"Fast, furious, and full out but lacking finesse" - Carrie

Helio Castroneves - Foxtrot
It was such a cute performance. Julianne is just awesome. The judges like them too, 25.
"You're a natural"- Carrie
"King of speed, now the king of charm" - Bruno
"Julianne you've continued where you left off last season"- Len

Albert Reed - Cha Cha Cha
Aye Dios Mios! Where do I start, umm ripping the shirt off, GREAT move. People might not have a freaking clue who this guy is, but they will! Judges gave him a 21.
"It gyrated, rotated and pulsated. It was like watching a stripper"- Len
"It was more other stuff than it was cha cha" -Carrie
"The crotch action was like a warp drive, I got a hernia just watching it"- Bruno

Mark Cuban - Foxtrot
The judges and I both noticed the guy just seems to be having a blast. A 21 was the score.
"Bouncing bionic billionaire"- Bruno
"Your more of a showman than I thought you would be" - Carrie
"Came out and gave a really first class performance" - Len

Wayne Newton - Cha Cha Cha
Poor Cheryl. She's had so many winners, but I guess it was probably time for her to get a middle man though. It's not that he's terrible, it's just that he is older and certainly not going to make it to the top. The judges gave him a 19, we shall see.
"So charming, but we need more hip action"- Carrie
"Great basic moves"- Len
"The sizzler from Sin City" - Bruno

So overall the Men, not so great. There were a lot of fun things, but I wasn't sitting there watching them in anticipation of what they might do next.

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