The CW: "Aliens in America" Pilot Review

Half-hour comedy set in Medora, Wisconsin. Main Character Justin is socially awkward, geeky, and unpopular. So much so that he feels like an alien in his own life, hence the title of the show.

TVGuide.com: No matter what he does, socially awkward teen Justin Tolchuck (Dan Byrd) just can't fit in at his Wisconsin high school. And the antics of his well-meaning but clueless mother (Amy Pietz) don't help. Being on the outside takes on new meaning when Raja (Adhir Kalyan), a Pakistani Muslim exchange student, moves in with this quirky middle-American clan.

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- On Raja’s first day of school the teacher says that the students can benefit from learning about “Muslimism” and “Islamica.”
- Cameo Alert! Christopher B. Duncan (aka Clarence Wiedman on Veronica Mars) drops in as Justin’s school counselor who doubles as a car salesman.

Marissa’s Take: There are a lot of parts of the show that are genuinely funny but I felt like the show left me wanting more. The mother is just too overbearing and grating and in the pilot the father is slightly wimpy and kind of quiet, but who knows with the addition of Scott Patterson (Gilmore Girls) it could be a show worth watching.
Rating: I would give the pilot a 1 1/2 and the show a 2.

Jenn’s Take: The tone and vibe of the show make it a perfect timeslot partner for “Everybody Hates Chris.” While mainly a comedy, there are reminders of the seriousness of the issues (racism & prejudice) sprinkled throughout the pilot. For me, I thought it was refreshing to get a non-sugar coated take on the subject. A bit of heart and good potential.

Rating: the pilot for me was a 3 – but the show as a whole: 2

"Aliens in America" premieres Monday, Oct. 1st @ 8:30pm

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