The CW: "Reaper" Pilot Review

The unceremonious cancellation of our beloved “Veronica Mars” had us ready to instate a boycott of The CW (with the exception of Thursday nights – hey, you try to say ‘no’ to those Winchester boys ..…mmmhmmm thought so).

Then, we watched “Reaper”…….

The official description from the network: The devilish new drama REAPER from executive producer/director Kevin Smith, this humor-filled adventure is the story of a slacker named Sam (Bret Harrison, "The Loop," "Grounded for Life") who learns that his parents accidentally sold his soul to the devil before he was born, forcing him into a new life as the devil's bounty hunter. Ray Wise ("24," "The Closer") plays Satan, and Tyler Labine ("Boston Legal," "Invasion") plays Sam's best friend Bert "Sock" Wysocki.

- His first assigned vessel for capturing rogue demon souls?? a Dirt Devil hand vacuum.
- The Devil’s first pops up in Sam’s backseat like a carjacker – sounding creepily like Darrell Hammond impersonating Ted Koppel on SNL.
- After a failed initial attempt to catch the demon, Sam and sidekick Sock have to sit and wait while the Dirt Devil recharges.

“We’re very proud of him for trying…..it’s just that college made him sleepy.” -- Sam’s mom, making excuses for his slacker ways

“I got chased by a pack of dogs, moved an air conditioner with my mind, and the Devil tried to car-jack me….so overall, not a great day."

Our take:
the show is just the right mix of slapstick-y seriousness. The leads are perfectly cast -- Tyler Labine is, as usual, spot-on as the wise-cracking sidekick.

Rating: = One of our favorite pilots so far.

Reaper premieres Tues. Sept. 24th @ 9pm

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