CBS: "Cane" Pilot Review

TVGuide.com writes:
Three generations of the Duques, a wealthy rum-making dynasty with Cuban-immigrant roots, struggle for power among themselves and with longtime rivals, the Samuels clan. The ailing Duque patriarch, Pancho (H
ector Elizondo), retires and divides the family assets among his daughter and two sons. But Alex (Jimmy Smits), “adopted” by the family at a young age and now married to the daughter, holds control of the company, earning Frank’s resentment. “It’s Shakespearean in scope,” Elizondo says of the drama’s mix of business and family dynamics and buried secrets.

J’s thoughts:
Cramming so many plotlines into one pilot can be both bad and good. It can leave the viewer struggling to keep track. However, they did a decent j
ob of setting up a season's worth of story.

We'll see plenty of fam
ily dynamics, power struggles (business and personal), and jealousy over favoritism of a "prodigal son" (in this case, adopted son/son-in-law Alex)

What I liked : can I just say how nice it is to finally see Hector Elizondo back on TV? We were treated to a memorable guest appearance on "Greys" last season, but it's great to have him on our screens on a weekly basis.

Jimmy Smits is effective as the leading man. His Alex is in control, family-oriented, and loyal to the core. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for his family. And really, I mean anything. I won't ruin the entire pilot (unless of course, you've seen the preview, which pretty much gives away every highlight from beginning to end)

Nestor Carbonell's (creepy Richard Alpert on "Lost") Frank is devious, power-hungry and resentful of his father's favoritism of Alex. The expected clashes between Frank and Alex should make for lots of good drama.

Since Nip/Tuck tends to gross or sometimes creep me out more often than not, I may think about DVR-ing it and watching this
baby live. Rating = 3 ¾

M’s thoughts:
I personally loved having so many ideas crammed into one pilot. It just makes me want to watch more. I want all the dish but I want t
hem to draw the story out just long enough for the season, any more than that and I’ll start to get angry.

I’ve gotta say I LOVE this cast! I hate to be repe
titive so I’ll just say “ditto” to J’s remarks since it was put so well.
Rating = 4

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Anonymous said...

I too love the show, it has meat and potato's, the cast to top draw. K