Faces We're Thrilled to See Back on Our Screens

This fall, TV geeks everywhere will be happily welcoming back some very familiar faces.

"Alias" stars are resurfacing on some high profile projects this season:

  • Michael Vartan (Vaughn) is one of ABC's "Big Shots"
  • David Anders (the deliciously evil Sark) joins the cast of "Heroes" as Takezo Kensei, the legendary subject of stories told to Hiro as a child. For more on Kensei, visit the Yamagato Fellowship
  • Kevin Weisman (tech guru Marshall) pops up on "October Road" Ask Ausiello

While most of us are still mourning the loss of "Veronica Mars," a few key cast members are moving on:

  • Perhaps the best casting news of the season, the uber-talented Kristen Bell joins "Heroes" in the recurring role of Elle, a mysterious woman with ties to the supposed death of Peter, H.R.G.'s past and Claire's future
  • Meanwhile, Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls) tries his brooding skills as a vampire on CBS's "Moonlight"

We continue to follow the "Firefly" crew wherever they go:

  • Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal) moves to Wisteria Lane as boy-toy hubby of Dana Delany. As with all new families on "Desperate Housewives," they're keeping some super-dark secrets
  • Adam Baldwin (malevolent Jayne) reluctantly teams up with/antagonizes "Chuck" on NBC

A few beloved supporting "Gilmore Girls" players return:

  • Edward Hermann (grandpa Gilmore) scrubs in for a multi-episode arc on "Grey's Anatomy"
  • Melissa McCarthy (lovable Sookie) plays friend to Christina Applegate's amnesiac on ABC's "Samantha Who?"
  • Scott Patterson (Lorelai's one-and-only, Luke) is the head of the family on The CW comedy, "Aliens in America"
  • Sean Gunn (eccentric Stars Hollower Kirk) brings his wacky self to "October Road" (I guess ABC really wants me to watch this show -- using Kirk and Marshall as bait; have they no shame?)

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