CBS: Round Up Pilot Review

Usually when anybody mentions the CBS network to us, we yawn. The one and only entertaining show on that entire network is "How I Met Your Mother." Sadly, I can't even remember a time before HIMYM that there was a show on that I actually enjoyed. As this season gets ready to begin, CBS is in the bottom of our watch list, with the exception of "Cane." For those of you out there who are CBS watchers, we give you this brief, semi-biased opinion on the other new shows the network has to offer.

Big Bang Theory

J’s thoughts:
Entertainment Weekly describes it as "Beauty & the Geek: the sitcom." There were a few funny moments, but nowhere near Mother-level hilarity. I'm going to PASS on this one. Rating = 2

M’s thoughts:
2 Geeks with a combined IQ of 360 and 1 “hot” girl. I’m sure there are probably some pretty funny bits but..... I would pass as well. Rating = 2

Kid Nation

J’s thoughts:
Certainly a controversial, but interesting concept. However, child labor as weekly entertainment? No thanks! Rating = 1

M’s thoughts:
Poor little kids with no parents, that’s just so wrong. NO WAY I’m watching this one! Rating =1 (but I’d go lower if I could)

Viva Laughlin

J’s thoughts:
After viewing the extended promo, my first and only reaction was: Huh? Kudos to CBS for trying something….different (to put it nicely). I love me some Hugh Jackman and Eric Winter (please please PLEASE go back to "Brothers & Sisters!"), but that's not reason enough for me to tune in. Rating =1 ½ (for effort?)

M’s thoughts:
After viewing the extended promo, I laughed. Man I love Hugh Jackman and Eric Winter too but I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around a singing/drama show. I love the odd musical episode thrown it but this is just a little to odd even for me. Rating =1 ½


J’s thoughts:
This poor man's "Angel" already got on my bad side this summer with its cheese-tastic promos. The full preview (complete with the recasts) didn't do much to sway my opinion: Oh look! Vampires can be outside during the daytime! This vampire likes to save people, not bite them. He doesn't hang out with the goth-punk dressing crowd. BORING! The only reason I will tune in for the premiere is Jason Dohring, the erstwhile Logan Echolls ("Veronica Mars"). Rating = 2

M’s thoughts:
Yeah I know lots of weird vampire cliches and yet I am still oddly fascinated. There is just something about vampires that makes me want to tune in. I rate the meager promos we are given a 2, but be sure to check back with me after the season gets going!


Anonymous said...

They are out of their mind on The Big Bang Theory. This is one of the top new shows of the season.

It is # 8 out of 10 in the USA Today top 10 new Fall shows :


It is the best new comedy according to a variety magazine editors poll :


It is # 4 on the Yahoo list of best new shows and has the 4th most hits on Yahoo for new shows :


Jenn said...

Well, I guess we just have different tastes don't we? :)

There just happens to be three other shows on @ the same time that I would much rather watch. I think "Chuck" will be far more entertaining (and no annoying laugh track to deal with).

Millions may watch "Two and a Half Men," but I've never found it to be even remotely funny.

Jake Malone said...

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