Casting News Roundup!

It's been a busy week in TV land -- here's the latest:

- The adorable Rachel Bilson - last seen (finally) marrying Seth on "The O.C." - will cozy up to another adorkable guy, Zachary Levi, on NBC's "Chuck." (that pilot review is on its way kiddies!)

- Alyssa Milano ("Charmed") tries to work her magic on Earl Hickey; let's hope she's less annoying and wearing more clothes. Zap2it.com

- The eternally-youthful Morgan Fairchild (really, what is her secret? She looks exactly the same as she did in the '80s and '90s - she's gotta be like 95 by now right?) will vamp up kooky Elmo, AK on "Men in Trees." Ausiello Report

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