You Watch / I Watch: Funny Gal edition

Here @ Tuned In...Seriously, we have always shared a mutual love of TV shows. Where we differ has always been in the quantity of shows we're willing to watch. I watch only two that M does not, while she watches about...oh, SIX that I do not. So we struck a similar deal to my BB8/My Boys agreement with RQ: I will give "Men in Trees" a go-round and Marissa in turn, will give "30 Rock" a second chance.

See, we were both rather unimpressed with the "30 Rock" pilot and never picked it up. Then, as the TV season began to wind down this past spring, I began to catch bits and pieces here and there. As the buzz kept growing and the hilarious recaps from my co-worker continuely piqued my curiosity, I decided I'd give it another try. If you haven't seen a single episode, I highly recommend starting with the "Tracy Does Conan" episode. All I need to say is: Blue Man.

I'll let M post her thoughts on my little assignment for her = catching up on the entire first season of "30 Rock." I also have my own homework to complete, finding out what the deal is with "Men in Trees." Thankfully, I have a full month to get this done -- anyone else who watches this wanna tell me exactly why I should love this show?

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