Summer Summer Summertime

The summer of '08 TV season has been adversely affected by, let's all say it together now: the writer's strike. Now we'll have to wait just a bit longer for shows like Entourage and Big Love, which will premiere their new seasons in September (right around the same time as the networks premiere their shows, grrreat).
UPDATE: Big Love won't return until January

There are still a handful of awesome shows to keep us entertained for the next three long months. And things kick-off tonight with the return of Army Wives. When we last left Denise, Roxy, Claudia Joy, and Roland, they were all trapped inside the Hump Bar with annoying Marilyn's crazy-cause-he's-just-been-jilted husband (who arrived just in time to find her leaving with her new man) and the bomb strapped to his chest. And Claudia Joy's daughter Amanda decided to run in just in time for everything to go...white. I'm guessing that the gals (and Roland) should be OK, I doubt they'd really kill off one of the main characters. But of course, someone ends up dead, given that previews have shown them all attending a funeral.

My Boys is FINALLY back this Thursday at 9:30! I've been impatiently waiting to find out which guy PJ chose to take to Italy with her. Our girl had quite the selection of suitors, so which lucky guy got on the plane?

Having recently discovered that I have TBS On-Demand (woo!), over the next few days leading up to the premiere, I'll be recapping the last four episodes of season one. If any of you haven't had the chance to catch this endearingly funny show, now's the time! And there are more than enough options: the Complete First Season DVD is available in stores on Tuesday OR you can watch the eps online at TBS.com.

The other two shows that are definitely worth your time, Burn Notice and Psych, return on July 10th and July 18th respectively.

I have the pilot of In Plain Sight on my DVR, but haven't quite been able to persuade myself to watch it yet. The promos semi-piqued my interest and I'm sure I'll enjoy it as I do USA Network's other series. I'll try and get to it this week and post my review as well.

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