My Two Cents: Season Finale Thoughts

Here now, some semi-short thoughts on the last two week's worth of finales:

Ugly Betty: Hated the 'Daniel has a long-lost son' storyline, hopefully the writers will find a way out of that one. Loved having Wilhemina and Marc back at Mode (I really missed Marc and Amanda time - please give them more scenes next season!).
Annoyed that it took three episodes to get a shirtless Eddie Cibrian scene :)

Now, that ending. Oy I tell ya. Completely predictable that they would leave us hanging. My theory? Betty didn't choose either guy. I think she went on vacation by herself (maybe to visit her relatives in Mexico for some "soul searching").

My wish for next season: Let's bring back the funny! 'Betty' has been getting too weighed down with all the drama drama drama. I mean, a little dabble here and there is fine, but it's been downright depressing this season.

House: The two-parter finale was TRIPPY. Seriously. Fine acting on the part of Hugh Laurie (as always), Robert Sean Leonard and Anne Dudek. I mean the final scenes between Wilson and Amber made me all weepy. Especially that look on Amber's face when she realized she was dying. Ugh. And now, House and Wilson's relationship is fractured. I'm glad that when they decided to mix things up on the show this season, they really went all out.

Completely random: Fred Durst? Really? I almost wouldn't have recognized him had I not seen his name in the guest star credits. Totally odd.

Completely hilarious: Cuddy's pole-dancing/stripping for House. Ha! Maybe Mr. Crankypants will finally act on his love/hate.

My wish for next season: More Chase and Cameron please! While I like the newbies, I sort of miss the original crew...and Chase is nice eye candy for us ladies. :)

Read on for thoughts on Grey's (Lost deserves its own separate post; I think I'm still trying to digest and comprehend everything that happened)
Grey's Anatomy: The kid encased in cement - WTF?! Not only was it baffling for the viewing audience, but for the docs as well. They spent quite a bit of time freaking out and then debating over the best course of action. Thankfully they were able to save the guy thanks to Christina's bold surgical moves. She finally proved herself to Hahn.

My favorite storyline in this episode was Alex's. In one of the Grey's podcasts leading up to the finale, Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers commented that we had yet to see the personal side of Alex Karev (other than his sex life). I took that as a hint that we'd finally get some backstory on him, and we did! He went through a terrible ordeal of taking care of his mother when he was a teen and was now doing the same for Ava/Rebecca. This was arguably Justin Chambers's best episode so far. We finally saw some depth and raw emotion in Alex and I really hope this develops further next season.

Shonda also teased a 'major' kiss. From everything I read, she was referring to Mer/Der, but I thought the others deserved some discussion as well. The Chief and Adele are FINALLY back together. It's about damn time! Those two are really sweet together and deserve some happiness. Callie and Hahn = I don't quite know what to think yet; I'm curious to see where the writers will take their storyline.

The Alex and Izzie one got my attention. I've always rooted for those two to get back together. I don't know if that's going to happen. However, I was proud of Izzie for actually being selfless for an entire episode. She was genuinely worried about her friend, but at the same time was able to step up as a doctor and make rational decisions (unlike the unnecessary tests she put Cheech Marin's character through, only to find out all he had was the flu).

As for Mer and Der, her candle-outlined house plan was probably her grandest romantic gesture, which is a nice change of pace. As Ms. Grey said herself, she's "whole and healed" now and finally ready for McDreamy. And their McHouse on the big McLand. Ok so I added all the Mc parts, but you know what I'm getting at!

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