Mini Project: Gearing Up for the 'My Boys' premiere

My Boys returns this Thursday! Can I get a woohoo? So to prepare, I'm re-watching the last four episodes of season one and giving you a quick recap.

Let's start with Episode 118: "Douchebag in the City" (I wonder exactly how many times some variation of the word douchebag was uttered in this ep? It made for some damn funny times!)

Brendan starts hanging out with Hams (Ryan Reynolds) and picks up on his annoying habits: name-dropping, screening calls and oddly abbreviating his words (“Whatev,” “Do me a solid and cover my Cs and Vods”). I'm with Bobby when he says it really 'annoy.'

PJ’s old college pal Lyssa visits from NYC with irritating gal-pals in tow. Poking fun at Sex and the City, these girls are caricatures more than anything. Lyssa is Carrie (complete with tutu and slo-mo car water-splashing like the opening SATC sequence); there’s also a bitchy redhead (Miranda), an uppity rich girl (Charlotte), and Veronica, a terrible Samantha impersonator (clad in leopard print and full of sex-related puns).

Everyone ends up at the newest hotspot in town, Lab Rat, where there are bikini girls walking around in huge gerbil balls. Yeah, gerbil balls. The guys, after having zero luck with the faux-SATC gals, are looking for the quickest exit. Mike calls Brando (who’s in the middle of flirting with Lyssa) so they can bail and what happens? Brando screens his call. Ooh the nerve! This all leads to...the Douchebag Intervention.

The guys all take turns reading letters expressing just how ‘douchey’ they think Brendan is.

My faves

Kenny: “Dear Brendan, Since you got name to that Sexy Chicago list thing, you’ve been kind of douche. When you tried to get me to buy the new Fergie album, it made me feel so lonely. P.S. I don’t understand your girl jeans.”

Mike: “You’re a really big douchebag. If you were a superhero, you’d be Captain Douchebag.”

Luckily, PJ slaps some sense into Brendan by pointing out how ridiculous he looks, especially his big obnoxious belt. Douchebag gone!

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