The End is Here: Men in Trees

Such a shame that we must part ways with our favorite fictional town of Elmo, Alaska and all of its quirky citizens. We knew it was coming, but it's hard to believe it's already time.

I'll miss 'Coach' Marin and Jack's weekly dramas.

I'll really miss Patrick and Annie and all their perky cutesyness. At least Patrick finally got his memory back (even if took getting his hand stuck in the condom machine). Here's hoping for a happy ending for the lovebirds. Although, I was warming up to hottie Ivan (can I get an yowza! for that towel scene last week?).

I'll miss Jerome's one-liners, Buzz and Mai's squabbling, Chief Celia's sad machine, and the Chieftain.

I'll miss adorable Sam and Jane and all their opposites-attract/screwball comedy antics.

And I know I speak for all the female viewers when I say, I'll REALLY miss Cash! No explanation necessary :)

Here's the official description of the series finale (Source: TitanTV):
Elmo prepares for its first annual talent show; Marin gets an advance check, but conflict arises when she wants to buy Jack something expensive; Sara fantasizes about men other than Eric; Patrick tries to reignite is romance with Annie.

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