My Boys recap: Episode 119

Episode 119: “Estates of Hoffman”

This is the Reader’s Digest version of a recap (mostly because I’m just too lazy to write a full one!)

Andy’s growing fond of life in suburbia.

He invites the gang to a housewarming BBQ.

Stephanie calls shotgun for the car ride via text message. She then proceeds to force the others to listen to Italian language CDs during the drive.

We meet PJ and Andy’s parents! Brendan’s the only one who has met them before (back at Parents’ Day in college) and the only words PJ’s mom has spoken to him? “You need a haircut.”

Fun fact: Eileen (PJ and Andy’s mom) is also Earl and Randy Hickey’s mom!

Andy and Meredith’s house is an almost exact replica of his parents’ house, right down to the miscellaneous kitchen drawer containing: pens, scissors and a deck of cards.

At the BBQ: Kenny, Mike and Brendan vie for the attention of a hot single mom. Kenny and Brando sabotage Mike’s chances by convincing hot mom that he’s an alcoholic.

Kenny tells her that Brando’s a wild party animal. Brando calls him out on sleeping with PJ’s aunt. End of game boys! She’s only interested in…Bobby!

Speaking of whom…. it takes Bobby almost the duration of the episode to find the house on his own. Wouldn’t it have been easier (and logical) to, oh I don’t know, CALL ANDY for directions?! You know what they say about men and asking for directions.

There’s also a doppelganger or as Kenny calls him, a ‘Bobbelganger’ hanging around the party. If I can suggest one tiny nugget of advice for Kyle Howard (who plays Bobby), never sport a beard! It is NOT a good look for you buddy. Unless you’re playing a creepy pedophile in a made-for-tv movie.

PJ meets Evan the botanist who’s a city dweller-turned-suburbanite. And not to mention, easy on the eyes. He calls PJ near the end of the episode to ask her out.

The funniest exchange of the episode is between PJ’s mom Eileen and Brendan.

Eileen: “Oh, I see you finally got that haircut.”
Brando: “Yeah I did, what do you think?”
Eileen: “Looked better long.”

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