My Boys Recap: Episode 120

Episode 120: 110 Percent Solution

Mike thinks getting hit in the head with a baseball is nothing. He who vomited after getting hit in the nuts with a water balloon.

Andy buys a boat. He invites the gang to a boat christening. Problem is, he hasn’t told his wife about it. Oh boy.

He’s feels like a “dull suburban nobody,” so buying the boat was his way to escape.

Andy: “Meredith’s getting the baby, what to I get?”

PJ: “Umm, the baby?”
PJ invites Evan the botanist over for poker night. Bad idea. He doesn’t quite fit in with the guys and their normal game night routine. He looks incredibly awkward shuffling around trying to keep out of the way.

Mike: “So Evan, what do you do?”
Evan: “I’m a botanist.”
Mike: “Really? Huh

He attempts to tell a funny story, but gets interrupted by Mike and Kenny, which then turns into one of their stories about doing a ‘bit’ at a restaurant where one of them was fake-choking, while the other was actually choking.

Evan splits after one round and doesn’t call PJ for a few days. She goes to see him and he tells her he’s swamped with work but will call her in a few weeks when things settle down.

The guys tell PJ that he was just finding a nice way to dump her.

The gang ends up at the batting cage, where they proceed to stand and be pelted with baseballs. Mike tells them to up the speed to 85mph. Smart, real smart.

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