Let's talk Emmys

Apparently, last night’s telecast is receiving less-than-stellar reviews. But hey, what do you expect? It was on FOX. You should always have low expectations going in when it’s the network that cancels good shows and fills two-thirds of its schedule with crappy reality shows. We personally enjoyed the show for the most part. Here are our random thoughts:

The in-the-round stage setup
M: Hmm, well this year, I actually kind of liked it. Though they should have had people talk and give out awards from all sides to include everyone.
J: Why is it that every major award show is using this setup now? While I absolutely love the Ugly Betty cast, I didn’t exactly want to look at their blurred faces all night long (and I’m sure they weren’t terribly thrilled either)

The reaction shot of TR Knight after the Isaiah Washington joke
M: Lame! They never should have panned to him; just rude really
J: Really went for the easy jokes there didn’t you, FOX editors?

Ryan Seacrest’s intro music – “Party Like a Rock Star”
M: Totally hilarious
J: oy vey

WINNERS we love:
Jeremy Piven (Supporting Actor in a Comedy)
M: WOO HOO I love The Pivs
J: – yay for The Pivs! Personally though, I wanted Neil Patrick Harris to win (at least for the Bob Barker ep alone!)

Terry O’Quinn (Supporting Actor in a Drama)
M: yay! for the win. interesting (and brave) for the shirt
J: The man has always turned out engaging and powerful performances week after week as the enigmatic Locke; it’s about time he was recognized! Loved the little dig @ the overpaid “Housewives.”

Jaime Pressly (Supporting Actress in a Comedy)
OH JESQUITA! Jaime really turns it out playing Joy.
J: Aw, snap! She got me a little teary.

Katherine Heigl [or apparently Hi-GELL] (Supporting Actress in a Drama)
M: Bout time! I remember watching her with Denny and when she cried I sobbed. I am really happy for her.
J: I know there are a lot of Izzie haters, but we both think she deserved some recognition. Maybe people are forgetting the beginning of last season, with all the grieving-over-Denny drama and her struggles to get back into the (surgical) swing of things. Well done Katherine! We fully support you!

Also totally thrilled for: America Ferrera, Judy Davis, Ricky Gervais, and Sally Field – well deserved. Ricky Gervais is a genius.

And the biggest surprise: “30 Rock” for Best Comedy Series! Tina Fey thanked new NBC honcho Ben Silverman (“Six years in advance") and the “dozens and dozens of fans” You’re welcome Tina!

- Don’t Forget the Lyrics with Rainn Wilson & Kanye West
- Stewart and Colbert giving Ricky Gervais’s award to Carell
- ANYTHING involving Steve Carell
- Terry O’Quinn, Katherine Heigl, and Sally Fields’ speeches (What the frak FOX? Censorship sucks)
- Stewie and Brian’s opening song – even though they dissed Zach Braff
- Ellen’s “I don’t know what’s going on” bit
- Elaine Stritch – anytime she was on
- Why Lewis Black felt the need to scream at the audience I don’t know, (is that his normal style? Anyone?) but he made some pretty valid arguments

What the &*%#? Moments:
M: Well I figured out why the bleeped & panned up during Sally Field’s acceptance speech, but I am still trying to figure out why did they do the same thing to Ray Romano?

J: Someone should’ve censored Brad Garrett for his awful jokes

J: James Spader? Really? Does anyone even watch “Boston Legal?”

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