Psych: "Bounty Hunters!"

My favorite elements of this show are its laid back approach and endless (and sometimes obscure) pop-culture references. It's continually entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny. AND, it just got renewed for a 3rd season! Woo!

The finale was full of hilarity as usual. Here are the highlights:

Shawn: "Dude, I'm pretty sure this is the boat from 'Dead Calm.'
Gus: "Great, now we have to worry about Billy Zane too?"

Dwayne Cantana: "Did he just wink at me?"

Shawn: "Just pretend like we're in 'Road House.'
Gus: "Fine, then I'm Patrick Swayze."
Shawn: "Sam Elliott."

Gus: "Maybe if someone would've tied up the boat, we wouldn't have been swimming around like the couple from 'Open Water.

As for the ending: They've been slowly building up Shawn and Juliet as a couple for quite some time (they were "perfect matches" according to the compatability test in the speed-dating centered "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead" ep) and while it wasn't exactly a 100% payoff, I'd say it was about halfway there. I rather enjoyed the "very close talking."

Other funny moments included:

  • Henry forcing Cantana to sing the Tikihama camp song
  • Kevin Sorbo as bounty hunter Byrd, who looked exactly the same as he did 20 years prior
  • Gus continuing to drive while ducking from Byrd
  • Gus breaking out the Super Smeller

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