Sylar's Back! Heroes Ep. 3 RECAP

I know this show has about 5,498,237 cast members, but geez, did they have to jump around so much? Did anyone else feel like the first half hour was a bit on the spastic side? My favorites were the Hiro/Ando and Sylar bits. Let’s do a Reader’s Digest version of the rest first:

Location: Cork, Ireland

Peter’s got to do a little armored car robbery job in exchange for the strange box with his identity in it. Any theories on its contents?

His mind-reading ability kicks in and he overhears one of the thugs thinking about screwing over the rest. Of course they don’t believe him, but you so know where this is going.

The job goes more than well enough, as ol’ Petey is able to move the whole friggin truck with the wave of his hand, thereby preventing the security guards from chasing after him.
While counting the loot, thug dude decides to pull a gun on the rest, Peter works his magic to scare the dude away, ‘told you so,’ etc. Also of note: the bullet ejecting itself from Peter's chest? Yuck yuck yuck

All his work earns him….a tattoo? OK! Well, the ink fades shortly, but not before turning into the Mysterious Symbol. Hmmmmm……

Unintentionally(?) funny: “Lightning! Lightning! Sparks!” (How about “Give me a clue, damn it!) He’s not sure how his powers work, so apparently he thinks yelling out an order will do the trick.
Ahem, that only works if you’re a wizard and you’ve got a wand. And if your name is Harry Potter.

Location: Somewhere in Mexico
Zzzzzzzz…will someone wake me up when these two finally get an interesting story? All you need to know is: Alejandro is the world’s worst car-stealer, he gets arrested and thrown into jail (complete with stoner American dude in the next cell), Maya’s gotta do her black tar coming out of her eyes thing to get him out, stoner dude says he got a car, and off the trio go.

Location: Las Vegas
Probably the worst kept secret, D.L. is dunzo. Finito. Dead. You gotta feel bad for poor little Micah. D.L. was a hell of a lot more sane and stable than Nikki, who decides to drop Micah off with D.L.’s family in New Orleans. We’ll be meeting another new cast addition next week – his cousin played by Dana Davis (last seen on “The Nine”).

Location: Costa Verde, CA
Claire is a horrible liar – trying to pass off her toe cutting incident as “nail polish that was knocked over and it just looked like blood.” Stalker flyboy doesn’t buy it, so what does ‘genius’ decide to do? Practically out her to the bio teacher and the class.
Nice. That’s not exactly going to win you any brownie points buddy.

She has a Kleenex moment with him and finally spills that she’s “different.” To get her to shut up, he grabs her and takes flight. The rest kind of looks like a badly re-created scene out of “Superman.” I was just waiting for Lois Lane to say: “You’ve got me? Who’s got you?!”

They land on a beach. Claire spots a mark on his neck. Then Flyboy confesses that some crazy stuff happened to him years ago and how he can still picture the face of the person responsible…wait for it….a man who wore….wait for it…horn-rimmed glasses!

Location: NYC
Mohinder arrives at Isaac Mendez’s old apartment to find Bob and crew from The Company. They’ve built a state-of-the-art lab just for him. Which also means, they’ll be watching his every move. But apparently not closely enough, since he’s able to secretly call HRG. Mohinder’s getting nervous about their plans, while HRG reassures him, “I told you, you have no reason to worry, as long as I’m alive you’ll be taken care of.”

WELL, since painting 8 out of 8 depicts his grisly death (with Claire off to the side, apparently making out with someone we assume to be Flyboy), it’s probably time to start worrying.

Onto the more interesting parts of the episode:

A chick on the beach, talking to presumably someone at The Company via cell, says “he’s tired” referring to….Sylar! As NBC reminded us every hour on the hour since last Monday, “The Villain America Loves to Hate,” is back. And boy, are we glad. Someone’s got to keep the Heroes on their toes.

Who’s this strange woman? Her name is Michelle or as we all knew her last season, Candice. With the character being a shape-shifter, NBC was able to reasonably recast with a completely new actress, since old Candice is now over on “Reaper” playing cutesy with Sam.

Michelle/Candice tells Sylar he’s had eight surgeries to correct his “injuries” at Kirby Plaza. It also appears that all those handy-dandy powers he acquired have disappeared. Ooh that makes for one not-so-cheerful Sylar.

The pretty beach scenery disappears and it’s some dingy looking room. Michelle tells him she can make him see anything he wants: London, Paris, Japan, hot blond twins, or another version of himself. Of course, that’s not enough, so he decides to take her power by….you guessed it, eating her brain! Gross!

It doesn’t seem to work out too well for him, as he soon discovers that he’s somewhere in a jungle in the middle of nowhere.

Location: Present day Japan / 1671 Japan
It’s Ando!
[On a personal note, it’s awesome that they’re including him in the show again. Now, if Hiro would just hurry up and get back to the present and reunite with his best buddy. But in the meantime, I’ll take what I can get.]
Ando is back at Yamagato Industries where he’s getting yelled at by his slightly scary boss. Yeesh, that dude needs his coffee. When the coast is clear, he reaches into a drawer and pulls out the Kensei sword. Hmm…something odd about the end of the sword…the inscription reads: Open Ando!” Clever Hiro has inserted multiple scrolls with messages to his friend. He updates Ando on his struggles to correct history.

Kensei is at first bewildered, thinks that Hiro has cursed him. Hiro has to teleport him to one of his famous battles against the 90 Angry Ronins. Hiro leaves him to wait with Yaeko. With his newfound powers, Kensei is successful and in turn, gets to take all the credit with his future ladylove. Poor Hiro. He’s in love with Yaeko, but he can’t screw up history. He’s ready to leave and return to his time, but now Kensei isn’t quite ready to part with his guide: “Only you can keep my from returning to my heathen ways, you’re like a conscience.” So, he decides to stay, which means more Hiro-Kensei fun for at least a few more episodes :)

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