Casting News Roundup: Dimples, Doctors, and The Beek

- Eddie Cibrian and his dimples are returning to ABC in not one, but two guest arcs: first up, he'll play ex-husband #3 to Karen Darling on "Dirty Sexy Money." Then he'll romance an amnesiac Christina Applegate on "Samantha Who?"
Kiele Sanchez (buried-alive Nikki on "Lost") will also pop up as a possible love interest for Samantha's current boyfriend.

- Three of the candidates from last week's "House" have been upgraded to regulars: Olivia Wilde (#13), Kal Penn (#6, then #9), and Peter Jacobsen (the plastic surgeon).

- If you've been wondering what happened to The Beek (that's James Van Der Beek aka Dawson from Dawson's Creek), well wonder no more - he's showing up on "Ugly Betty" in episode four, "Grin and Bear It." But that's not all, Victor Garber (Alias' spy-daddy) and John Cho (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle) also appear as a professor and Henry's co-worker respectively. Source: Ugly Is In

- Steven Weber, late of "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip," will charm Rachel Griffith's Sarah Walker on "Brothers & Sisters", which doesn't bode well for that reconcilation with her hubby. Ausiello Report

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