Quotes of the Week

"Yeah, yeah and I wish I got to know Marlon Brando before he got fat."

"Hi, I just made a little person feel better about his day."

- Marc, Ugly Betty

"So, were you being selfish or inappropriate?"
Awww snap! - Mama Burke to Meredith on Grey's Anatomy

"You caught me. I stole the 8 bucks. I was saving to buy you a girlfriend. I assume you're ok with the plastic variety?"
- Andi to Ted, the uptight manager on Reaper

"Oh my god, we're gonna die dressed as condoms! - Ben on Reaper

"You can't be Kal-el. He's a sweet chubby baby who laughs when you tickle his feet."
- Kara, Smallville

And finally, our favorite, the always-quoteworthy, Supernatural returns:
Sam: "Let me see your knife."
Dean: "What for?"
Sam: "So I can gouge my eyes out."
Dean: "It's a beautiful natural act Sam."
Sam: "Part of you I never wanna see Dean!"
Gotta love those Winchester boys!

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