Chick Chat: Monday TV

Ok TV-holics, we're starting a new recurring feature, tentatively titled 'Chick Chat.'

A big reason we started this blog together is, we talk about all the shows with each other anyway, why not bring it to the Web? We'll rant and rave about our favorite shows just as we normally would when discussing them face-to-face.

So, here now we discuss this past Monday night of TV:

Marissa: So did you see Monday night's "Chuck?"
Jenn: Well, duh! It was highly entertaining. I think the show keeps getting better with each episode don't you?
Marissa: Why yes Jenn I do, very entertaining.
I actually enjoy it more when Chuck gets to participate in the missions
Jenn: You know, I think I'm the opposite - I like getting to see the non-spy stuff, like the Nerd Herd and his BFF Morgan
and of course, Captain Awesome

Marissa: Well I like the stuff with the family: like the eating pizza and playing 'how well do we know each other,' but the spy stuff is really fun and usually Adam Baldwin looks pretty good doing it too!
Jenn: I think Chuck and Sarah have a nice chemistry
Marissa: Yeah I like Carina's comments that Sarah likes Chuck a lot even if she doen't know it yet!
Jenn: Speaking of Carina - is it just me or does she kind of look like an anorexic and bitchier Cameron from House?
Marissa: hmmm yeah a lil I guess
Jenn: I'm glad they didn't drag out Chuck finding out about Sarah and Bryce
Marissa: Yeah it seems like a trend this season. Things might be held in for a few eps but the secrets are coming out much faster. On all the shows I mean of course
Jenn: Have you heard that Bryce isn't all that...dead? And word is, he'll be popping up before the season ends?
Marissa: I thought that might happen, seemed to easy for him to be just.... Dead!
Nobody is ever just dead
Jenn: on spy shows.Or Heroes. Or Lost or ANY soap opera.

Jenn: Moving on....wasn't "How I Met Your Mother" hi---wait for it---larious?!
Marissa: yeah I love the way that show works! Barney... will stop at NOTHING to win.
Poor Marshall though, you know he's happy with Lily and dosn't regret anything, but there is that tiny lil bit of him that still wants to get out there and "Play" with the boys.
Jenn: "Are you a model?" Poor guy has zero game.
Back to Barney - all that work and it backfired on him ha!
Marissa: Of course it did! It always backfires on him
I love that Robin got broken up with by a kid

Jenn: Yes! Everything that involved Robin and kids was hysterical
My favorite line of the night was Marshall asking: "So now that you're a mommy, are you gonna wear those totally awesome jeans that come up to your boobs?"
Marissa: hahaha yeah that was funny
Jenn: I also laughed at the bite-sized Barneys and Teds
Marissa: That was very clever of them. The Barneys were the best, also kind of creeeeeepy
Jenn: those mini voices :)
You know what else?
Patch up!

Marissa: hahaha

Jenn: I know I already covered it in my recap, but how did you like this week's "Heroes?"
Marissa: I really liked it.I didn't think it was slow at all
Jenn: What were your favorite parts of the ep?
Marissa: Oh gosh um all the stuff with Claire and the flying boy.
Did u see the sign in Molly's eyes?

Jenn: Ooh no, what was it?
Marissa: Kensei's symbol.
Jenn: I completely missed that. Good eye!
Marissa: Yeah I had to rewind a couple of times just to make sure, but it was like right before a commercial break
Jenn: Of course, you know what I'm really excited for is next week.
Marissa: Hellz yeah!
Jenn: V. Mars in the house! Can I get a woo?
Marissa: WOO!!

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