Hey, Where Have I Seen That Person Before?

Lots of familiar (but not by name) faces popped up on our screens this week:

Former Superman Dean Cain finally came to "Smallville." Except that he was pretty eeeevil. And immortal.

Lisa Sheridan (Larkin on "Invasion") was the doctor who had a failed lunch date with Dan's brother Jack on "Journeyman." Sheridan also popped up on "Moonlight" a few weeks ago.

Eddie Shin (Lane's almost BF on "Gilmore Girls") put in a hilarious turn as
Wilfred Woodruff on "Pushing Daisies." He was the angry great great great great grandson of a Civil War vet whose sword was stolen by Louis Schatz.

Marsha Thomason (Nessa on "Las Vegas") made a brief appearance on "Cane."

Vanessa Lengies (Roxanne on "American Dreams") was Leni, the prosecution witness Mick was hired to find on "Moonlight."

Finally, Erick Avari (Dr. Suresh - Mohinder's dad - on "Heroes") was Harold Templeton the spy who met with Nick George on "Dirty Sexy Money."

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