[Heroes Recap] Chapter 4: "The Kindness of Strangers"

Last night’s ep was a bit light on the action, save for a teensy little murder. No shirtless Peter Petrelli either. Bummer. My thought is that it was the calm before the storm. A storm named KRISTEN BELL!

In the five long months since Veronica’s untimely cancellation, we have been dying to see our gal V. Mars back on the screen. Can we all just take a moment to thank the NBC promo department for pimpin her debut? Hells yeah!

Now, back to the task at hand - Chapter 4: The Kindness of Strangers.” We met a newbie Hero, the twins met a baddie (but they don’t know it yet), and a surprising connection to Parkman is revealed.

Location: Somewhere in Mexico
This storyline finally gets some juice! On the run with Stoner Dude (actual name Derek, not all that important), Maya and Alejandro find a man’s body lying in the middle of the road. Guess who? Sylar! How did he navigate his way out of the jungle? According to him, he walked for three days. The three escapees unwisely offer a ride to ‘Gabriel Gray.’ Does he have amnesia? Obviously not, since he ends up knocking off Stoner Dude when he finds out about the twins’ special powers. He offers to take them to Dr. Suresh. And we get the signature evil Sylar smirk. Buckle up kiddies, you’re in for a hell of a ride!

Location: Bennet House, Cali
HRG, nervous about the painting predicting his demise, grills Claire about any new boys in her life. She lies, he lectures. Later at school, cheerleading beckons. One of the squad girls pushes forms for tryouts on her, tells her they liked her standing up to head bitch cheerleader. Claire tries to decline (You know she can’t stay away for too long). Flyboy West swoops in (not literally) and begins to pester. She tells him she can’t hang with him anymore. That lasts all of two seconds, because later we find her making up some BS story to her parents about heading to the library that night.

As soon as she heads out the door, HRG secretly follows. As she turns a corner, flyboy picks her up and away they go. HRG doesn’t see.

Just where do the budding lovebirds end up? Why on top of the Hollywood sign of course! (ugh) And what purpose will this serve? Well obviously so they can play the whole “I jump off the sign, you fly and catch me so I know I can trust you” game.

Flyboy tells her she’s just going to have to come up a more credible lie in order to hang with him (an idiot could come up w/ something less lame than ‘going to the library’). And this is where cheerleading comes in.

At home, HRG tries to pry info from Claire about West. She decides it the ideal time to spring the cheerleading bit on him. Does it work? Hell yeah it does. Damn you’re more gullible than we thought HRG.

Location: Washington, D.C.
A super-beardy Nathan sneaks a visit with his two sons at school.

Location: NY
Little Molly Walker’s nightmares are getting worse. Matt and Mohinder worry.

Later, Detective Matt is at the hospital interrogating Angela Petrelli, who confesses to Kaito Nakamura’s murder. It was determined that the attack on her in the police station was self-inflicted (riiight). Through Matt’s mind reading ability, she tells him to back off and let her take the fall. She wants him to drop the investigation because it will only bring more trouble for them and all the Heroes.

Nathan arrives, completely clean shaven (damn, that was quick). Matt enlists Nathan’s help with the investigation.

Later, Matt reveals that his wife cheated on him and that baby she was preggers with? Not his! Yikes. He and Nathan are searching for a pic of the group of 12 – what they find are the usual suspects: Mr. and Mrs. Petrelli, Linderman, Kaito Nakamura, Bob from The Company (Nathan: this guy’s name is Bob, don’t know his last name”), and drumroll please…..Matt’s father!! Ooh looks like Parkman’s a bigger part of it than he thought.

He asks Molly to locate his father. When he shows her the group pic, she freaks and tells him: “That’s the bad man in my dreams. He is the nightmare man!” Uh oh.

Finally, Molly agrees to help. She sees: Philadelphia, an apartment, number 9, and then aaahhhhhh! “He sees me! Leave me alone!” And she goes into shock. Only Matt can hear her cry for help.

Location: New Orleans, LA
Micah’s adjusting to living with his grandmother and cousins Damon and Monica Dawson. Damon’s obnoxious; Monica’s the breadwinner (who’s forced to work at the horrendously named Burger Bonanza).

Monica begins to develop a power. While at work, she cuts a tomato rose (without realizing it) precisely like the one shown on her TV that morning. Later, while attempting to lock up shop, a robber forces his way in. Next thing you know, Monica’s busting out the same WWE-style move she saw the previous night on TV.

So what exactly is this power she has? Any ideas? She’s able to perfectly mimic something she sees. Now, I wonder if this has to be something televised? And to think, our parents always said we could never learn anything valuable from TV.

Did I mention that Kristen Bell joins the cast next week?

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