I'm Not Drinking the Kool-Aid

As I type this, I'm sure my self-imposed reality show ban will cease sooner rather than later.

Like many others during the writer's strike, I changed my TV-viewing habits. Over the last two months, it's been increasingly easier to just simply, not turn on the TV (save for the midseason shows I normally watch). While the networks piled on the reality shows, my interest in watching live TV waned.

I have yet to watch more than 15-30 seconds of American Idol. I have yet to get sucked into the ear-splitting, mind-numbing AI madness. And for that I am proud. Marissa doesn't think I'll last too much longer. She's been teasing me by sending my YouTube clips.

The top 12 round is normally the point at which I would start tuning it. The interest just isn't there for me this time around. Check back with me when they whittle the pack down to two.

As I've said before, I tend to have a weakness for the CelebReality shows on VH1. But nope, not this time around either. No Flavor of Love #345698. No Celeb Rehab. Nothing. HOWEVER, maybe when New York's new show premieres.....

I will however, concede my one reality show guilty pleasure - Making the Band. Watching Danity Kane and Day 26 (Side note: couldn't Diddy come up with a name that wasn't so...lame? Oh wait, he's a grown man and wants to be called Diddy. Never mind) mix it up has been entertaining. I also like Donnie - now is it just me or is something kind of, off with his hair? He and Aubrey are a bit Ghetto Ken and Barbie when you put them together.

I am just grateful that we had new episodes of scripted TV during this time. Thank goodness for: Lost (which has been AWESOME), Wildfire, and Supernatural. And I had time to check out new shows like: Eli Stone, Cashmere Mafia, Lipstick Jungle, and The Sarah Connor Chronicles (which I surprisingly liked). And oh yeah, there's still One Tree Hill, which has given me nothing but headaches and a desire to throw things at my very lovely 40-inch HDTV.


Angie said...

I don't think I ever drank that Kool-Aid...:-)

Jenn said...

You must have a healthy amount of self-control :)